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Grantee - Tri-Valley Haven - FY22-23

Tri-Valley Haven is a vital community organization that serves adults and children who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, or homelessness in the Tri-Valley area. Funds will support Tri-Valley Haven personnel time and increased vehicle and operating expenses to expand upon previous accomplishments by securing more grocery rescue providers and expanding their mobile pantry efforts. Staff will also incorporate client education into their pantry program and hold two events focused on proper waste sorting and healthy cooking.

Grantee - The Berkeley Food Network - FY22-23

The Berkeley Food Network (BFN) is an innovative, community-centered organization that brings expanded food assistance services to food-insecure Berkeley residents. BFN’s goal is to ensure that all Berkeley residents are free from hunger and have access to affordable high-quality, healthy food. Funds will support the refinement of their food recovery program to be more deliberate, efficient, and flexible, resulting in the targeted recovery of greater quantities of desirable, waste-free, high-quality foods from large generators.

Grantee - Shepherd's Gate - FY22-23

Shephard's Gate's mission is to meet the physical, emotional, educational, and spiritual needs of women and children suffering from homelessness, addiction, and domestic violence. They serve families in crisis, regardless of race, age, religion, creed, national origin, disability, marital, or veteran status. Funds will support Sheperd's Gate's purchase of a refrigerator to store additional surplus food donations in their on-site pantry.

Grantee - San Lorenzo Family Help Center - FY22-23

San Lorenzo Family Help Center's mission is to eliminate hunger within the local community while partnering with churches, schools, neighboring businesses, government agencies, local neighbors and volunteers. Funds will support San Lorenzo Family Help Center to expand its growing food recovery program by hiring a warehouse assistant, purchasing equipment to move food donations around more efficiently, and recovery vehicle expenses.

Grantee - One Nation Dream Makers - FY22-23

One Nation Dream Makers' mission is to help veterans and others in the community to restore hope and get their lives back on track to become positive forces in their communities. Funds will support One Nation Dream Makers with operational and vehicle expenses to expand their food recovery efforts from local wholesale food vendors, grocery stores, and discount markets. One Nation Dream Makers aims to recover 720,000 pounds of surplus edible food.

Grantee - Oakland Communities United for Equity & Justice - FY22-23

Oakland Communities United for Equity (OCUEJ) and Justice’s Self-Help Hunger Program dovetails food recovery, food security, and career-building for low-income Oakland residents. Funds will support OCUEJ with storage, equipment, and personnel costs and stipends for essential staff and trainers involved in the Cooks Training Program, as well as food recovery, cooking, and distribution efforts that provide up to 8,000 nutritionally and culturally appropriate hot meals to nutritionally insecure North Oakland residents.

Grantee - MEANS Database - FY22-23

MEANS Database is a nonprofit food recovery platform that works to mitigate food waste and connect emergency food providers to food donations using an online platform to connect food businesses with excess food, such as restaurants, warehouses, and catering companies, to nearby nonprofits that serve the community. Funds will support MEANS Database to expand its food recovery network of partner agencies in Alameda County. All recovered food will be given to nonprofits and mutual aid organizations working to help individuals facing food insecurity in Alameda County.

Grantee - Mary Barber Ministries - FY22-23

Mary Barber Ministries provides nutritional, emotional, spiritual, and hygienic care to overlooked East Oakland community members. Funds will support Mary Barber Ministries to increase the surplus edible food collected and distributed from 75,400 lbs. to 226,200 lbs. during the grant term. Mary Barber Ministries will establish a client-choice food pantry, hold 2-3 community events, and form 2-3 new surplus edible food collection partnerships.

Grantee - Leanpath - FY22-23

Leanpath invented the world’s first automated food waste tracking technology, deploying a suite of technology and coaching tools that address root behaviors leading to food waste in thousands of foodservice kitchens in over 30 countries. Funds will support the re-launch of a food waste prevention program at the Claremont Hotel, kicking off the first year of a three-year commitment to reducing food waste. Funds will ultimitely help the hotel with compliance with SB 1383 food recovery requirements, and an outcome will be the sharing of best practices with other Tier 2 businesses.

Grantee - Just Fare - FY22-23

Just Fare is building a just world where food is a force for social change. Just Fare offers catering services for offices & events while offering dignified prepared meals through their Community Kitchen Program free of charge, while utilizing carefully selected ingredients from organic, local, independent farms for all meals. They also provide commercial kitchen design & foodservice consulting.


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