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Grantee - Wonderfil PBC - FY22-23

Wonderfil facilitates creating a scalable and cost-effective refill vending machines for liquid and cream products which reduces the demand for plastic packaging for these items. Funds would be used to conduct outreach and place Wonderfil kiosks in the South and East areas of Alameda County. Refill kiosks would be placed in stores, apartment buildings, laundromats, and schools to dispense laundry detergents, liquid soaps, and other cleaning products into refillable containers.

Grantee - Waterside Workshops - FY22-23

Waterside Workshop’s ‘Street Level Cycles’ program is a youth job-training program that repairs and sells discarded bicycles, and provides a free do-it-yourself public bike repair shop. Funds will be used for interns to participate in the Street Level Cycles Waterside’s bicycle education and reuse program. Through innovative internship model, youth interns work alongside skilled instructors and learn professional bike repair by refurbishing used bicycles.

Grantee - Uhuru Furniture & Collectibles - FY22-23

Uhuru receives high-quality donated furniture and sells at affordable prices in their Oakland retail shop. Grant funds will support program coordinator to manage training and work experience program for interns via partner work site programs. Interns will help stabilize their workforce to increase their free donation pick-up services of furniture and home goods to divert additional 51 tons of furniture and home goods from the landfill over 10 months.

Grantee - Teen Advocacy Going Strong (TAGS) - FY22-23

Teens Advocacy Going Strong (TAGS) is a nonprofit, second-hand clothing store and workspace dedicated to serving underserved teens and young adults ages 13-24 in the East Bay. Through TAGs, youth learn entrepreneurial and sustainable business skills while advocating for themselves and our environment. Funds will be used to help cover personnel expenses for their program coordinator and marketing coordinator, in addition to overhead, which will allow TAGS to expand job training and outreach to serve more local underserved teens and young adults in the community.

Grantee - Tech Exchange - FY22-23

Tech Exchange sources high quality decommissioned technology from contributing partners, refurbishes computers and distributes them to households across the Bay Area. Funds will be used for sustainable computer refurbishment and workforce development efforts for digital equity. Funding would support the placement of two Civicorps interns who will serve in Tech Exchange’s Oakland warehouse and a portion of intern stipends.

Grantee - Surplus Service - FY22-23

Surplus Service provides the highest and best end use of life solutions for e-waste, via refurbishment and reuse of electronics rather than recycling or sending them to the landfill. Currently they send 90% of computer hard drives to recycling due to lack of capacity to refurbish. This grant will provide funding for software and equipment to refurbish computer hard drives at a large scale - increasing the number of hard drives by 90% that could be refurbished.

Grantee - Rebuilding Together East Bay-North - FY22-23

Rebuilding Together creates community partnerships to rejuvenate neighborhoods through the rehabilitation of homes owned by low-income homeowners and non-profit facilities that serve low-income communities. Funds will be used to support the new Dorothy's Closet brick and mortar location in Berkeley which is a joint venture with Dorothy Day House in Oakland. Funding will assist to re-home donations, secure storage space for a secondary donation drop-off, and sorting facility.

Grantee - Re-Up Refills LLC - FY22-23

The ReUp Refill shop in Oakland allows customers to get bath, body, kitchen, and cleaning products in refillable containers, reducing waste from single-use plastics. Funds will be used to pilot two refill kiosks in Alameda County through a vertically integrated partnership offering both circular soap distribution as well as consumer-facing dispenser machines. The machines will be stocked with the best-selling products from its refill shop: laundry detergent, hand soap, and dish soap.


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