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Grantee - Replate - FY19-20

Grantee will purchase insulated blankets, insulated pan carriers hot/cold packs, and insulated delivery bags to recover surplus food to feed people experiencing food insecurity while reducing the use of disposable transport packaging. It is estimated that the Grantee will recover and distribute approximately 89,700 lbs. of food from Cal Dining between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

Grantee - Arsola's Distribution Center and Community Services/Oakland - FY19-20

Grantee will purchase reusable totes or bins, a freezer (and installation), hot/cold boxes and reusable coolers to increase the number of homebound people that receive donated by 50 for a total of 200 served, increase the number of unsheltered persons provided with food by 50 persons for a total of 250 persons, and increase recovery of prepared and perishable foods.

Grantee - St. Bartholomew’s Episcopal Church - FY19-20

St. Barts will purchase stackable reusable containers and a cart/strap to hold boxes. Containers that are stackable will reduce the amount of storage space in the pantry and increase the space for more food items to be donated. Temperature controlled food storage/transport equipment will also help with perishable items donated from locations and during food distribution at the pantry.


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