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Reusable Bag Ordinance (2016-2)

Ordinance 2012-2 as Amended by Ordinance 2016-2
"Reusable Bags Ordinance" (RBO)

Ordinance Regulating The Use Of Carryout Bags And Promoting The Use Of Reusable Bags

Adopted October 26, 2016



Starting May 1, 2017:

All retail stores that sell perishable or nonperishable goods including, but not limited to, clothing, food, and personal items

Starting November 1, 2017:

Grantee - Lake Merritt United Methodist Church - FY21-22

Lake Merritt United Methodist Church (LMUMC) operates food programs that serve individuals and families living near the church and all over Alameda County. LMUMC operates a monthly food distribution of shelf stable and fresh produce and food is available in between upon request. Hot meals and sandwich lunches are prepared and distribute twice each week to the housed and unhoused near the church as well as through its partners.

Grantee - Eikon Church of the Nazarene - FY21-22

EIKON is a Hayward based church and nonprofit who works with World Vision to receive and redistribute home goods through a network of thirty-seven nonprofits across the Bay Area who use the goods to impact the homes and lives of the most vulnerable families and individuals in Alameda County. Funds will help subsidize shipping costs for Infinite Christmas, a program that takes 6.6 semi truck loads of home goods including shelf stable food, diapers and appliances which are saved from going to a landfill and are empowering peoples lives.

Grantee - California Product Stewardship Council - FY21-22

CPSC is leading several solar panel recovery projects and policy development in California that expand circular solar energy systems with reduced cost-burden on local government. Funds will allow CPSC to work with Alameda County based solar panel collectors and installers to better understand the barriers and opportunities to installing recovered solar panels in Alameda County and the Bay Area.

Grantee - Telegraph Community Ministry Center - FY21-22

The Telegraph Community Ministry Center has the goal of reaching out to those in need by providing food and clothing within their community since 1967. Funds will support the purchase of a van that will increase the ability to recover food from local retailers, as well as bring food to individuals and partners who are unable to travel by providing a mobile food pantry.

Grantee - MEANS Database - FY21-22

MEANS Database is a non profit food recovery platform that works to mitigate food waste and connect emergency food providers to food donations using an online platform to connect food businesses with excess food, such as restaurants, warehouses, and catering companies, to nearby nonprofits that serve the community. Funding will support MEANS food recovery work throughout Alameda County to recover an estimated 100,000 pounds of food in one year.

Grantee - Daily Bowl - FY21-22

Daily Bowl recovers excess food that would otherwise go to waste and delivers it to Bay Area agencies that feed food insecure families Funding will support the expansion of surplus food recovery from restaurants and Tier 2 commercial edible food generators in addition to piloting a new effort to repurpose prepared surplus food into individual meals for food-insecure college students.

Grantee - Resource Area For Teaching - FY21-22

RAFT’s mission is to help educators transform a child’s learning experience through hands-on education to one that inspires the joy and discovery of learning. Funds to support the collection of donated materials from Alameda County companies to be repurposed into creative reuse materials and STEAM Project Kits for educators and students in Alameda County. RAFT will provide standards-aligned, hands-on STEAM learning materials and support to underserved students in Alameda County.

Grantee - Marin Gourmet - FY21-22

Marin Gourmet is an immigrant founded local food manufacturing business whose products are available across the Bay Area at farmers markets and grocery stores. Funds will support the purchase of an oven and electric generator that maintains hot prepared food at the required temperature to increase donated food and ensure the safe donation of surplus from Alameda County farmer's markets to local food recovery and distribution organizations.

Grantee - Deputy Sheriffs' Activities League of Alameda County - FY21-22

The Alameda County Deputy Sheriff’s Activities League's (DSAL) mission is to build on natural, human, social, economic, built, political, and cultural capital to create safer, healthier communities. Funds will be used to support DSAL's social enterprise, Dig Deep Farms, and their Food Hub distribution facility to increase food recovery, operate efficient aggregation, sorting, processing and packaging of recovered food for distribution to food-insecure residents.


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