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Reusable Bag Ordinance (2016-2)

Ordinance 2012-2 as Amended by Ordinance 2016-2
"Reusable Bags Ordinance" (RBO)

Ordinance Regulating The Use Of Carryout Bags And Promoting The Use Of Reusable Bags

Adopted October 26, 2016



Starting May 1, 2017:

All retail stores that sell perishable or nonperishable goods including, but not limited to, clothing, food, and personal items

Starting November 1, 2017:

Grantee - New Moons Ago - FY22-23

New Moons Ago reduces fashion wastes collectively, by reconnecting people through upcycling pre-loved clothing. Funds would be used to develop patterns and customer base for personal upcycling pant-making project for population losing mobility as well as to make an adaptive fashion platform for people with limited mobility.

Grantee - C & S Food Equipment Services, LLC (C&S) - FY22-23

Established in 1999, C&S provides commercial kitchen equipment installation and repair services in Bay Area. Grant funds will be used to provide financial incentives for restaurant owners to repair equipment instead of purchasing new. In addition, funding will allow C&S to design and implement an apprentice program to ensure industry has trained staff to repair equipment.

Grantee - All Good Living Foundation Inc (AGLF) - FY22-23

All Good Living Foundation's (AGLF) mission is to help the most vulnerable children in the Bay Area by providing the necessities for them to lead a happy and healthy life through the Do Good Community Closets, School Incentive Program, and Do Good Sports Club. Funds will be used to expand and improve Do Good Community Closets at the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Office and six school sites.

Grantee - The Bread Project - FY22-23

The Bread Project's mission supports low-income, re-entry, formerly incarcerated individuals, as well as immigrants and refugees on their paths to self-sufficiency through skills training and job placement assistance in food service and baking industries. Funds will support The Bread Project's expansion of a baking and cooking skills training program that utilizes recovered food from partners, such as Berkeley Food Network, to create meals for distribution at Dorothy Day House and amongst the low-income families, and houseless communities.

Grantee - Mercy Brown Bag Program - FY22-23

Mercy Brown Bag Program serves food-insecure adults over the age of 60 in Alameda County through their free grocery program. The project will fund an initial pilot to replace single-use paper grocery bags with reusable bags for distribution at three senior centers that receive food through their mobile grocery program. Pending results of the pilot, a second phase will be implemented to expand the program to up to 10 sites in Alameda County.

Grantee - MEANS Database - FY22-23

MEANS Database is a nonprofit food recovery platform that works to mitigate food waste and connect emergency food providers to food donations using an online platform to connect food businesses with excess food, such as restaurants, warehouses, and catering companies, to nearby nonprofits that serve the community. Funds will support MEANS Database to expand its food recovery network of partner agencies in Alameda County. All recovered food will be given to nonprofits and mutual aid organizations working to help individuals facing food insecurity in Alameda County.


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