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    The Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan identifies solid waste facilities and wastesheds within Alameda County and describes the countywide plan for reaching the county-mandated 75% recycling goal. The CoIWMP was first adopted in 1997.

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  • Reports   

    In 2010, StopWaste adopted a Strategic Plan with new waste diversion goal: by 2020, less than 10 percent of what winds up in Alameda County’s landfills will be readily recyclable

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  • 1537 Webster Street, StopWaste's LEED Platinum Certified Office Building in Oakland
    Success Stories   

    Read all about how we put our green building and Bay-Friendly Landscaping know-how to work when we renovated an old building in Oakland to create a healthy, energy efficient new office. The project was the first renovated building in the country to earn LEED Platinum certification, the highest rating in the LEED Green Building Rating System.