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    This block grant was developed by the Waste Management Authority Board in 1998 in response to requests by local charity thrifts to provide partial relief from high disposal expenses due largely to illegal dumping. The Charity Thrift Block Grant is intended for Alameda County Charity thrift 501(c)(3) corporations (or distinct operating units or division of such a corporation) that reuses and recycles donated goods or materials and receives more than 50% of its revenues from the handling and sale of those donated goods or materials. $15,000 maximum request.


    In order to ensure that grant recipients receive funds in a timely manner, please review this overview of the Funding Agreement, Payment and Reporting Requirements.


    GRANTS DEADLINE:   April 10, 2017 at 5 PM

    Funding via the competitive grants program is available to nonprofit entities for innovative projects that increase individual and community involvement in source reduction and recycling efforts, decrease the amount of waste generated and sent to the County’s landfills, and encourage the development, marketing and use of recycled products. While no maximum award amounts have been set, grants are typically expected to be in the range of $25,000- $65,000. Proposals requesting higher levels of funding are scrutinized for impacts commensurate with the grant request.

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  • Join the Smart Kitchen Initiative


    StopWaste is offering free food waste tracking equipment and training for mid- to high-volume food service operators in Alameda County, to help reduce pre-consumer food waste. Most participating kitchens can anticipate reducing pre-consumer food waste by 50%, saving money on food purchases and improving operations. Watch the 30-min webinar to learn more.

  • Brochures   

    Download this 2 page flyer to learn more about StopWaste's Smart Kitchen Initiative. The program provides free assistance for mid- to high-volume food service operators in Alameda County to reduce pre-consumer food waste. Participating kitchens will save money on food purchases and improve operations.


    This summary will give you a better understanding of the activities that need to occur in order to fully execute the funding agreement.

  • Peerless Coffee on the Stopwaste Partnership


    StopWaste teams up with Peerless Coffee to reduce waste and save Peerless over $110,000 a year. StopWaste's free technical assistance and grant funding helped the company implement several waste reduction projects.