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Contractor for Stop Food Waste Cooking Demonstrations and Editorial Content

The Agency is seeking contractors or organizations to provide Alameda County residents with access to free or low-cost food saving demonstrations and editorial content covering topics that include meal planning, food preparation, and storage.

These virtual and/or in-person workshop cooking demonstrations, blog posts, and articles, will aim to build people’s life-long skills in managing food in the kitchen, storage and preparation that maximize the life of their food (while reducing waste) and instill confidence in the kitchen to cook more and utilize the food they have at home. During this unusual time when Alameda County residents are being asked to shelter-in-place, the Agency recognizes that our residents and households may benefit from accessible educational material focused on increasing cooking and kitchen management skills that can help reduce waste while stretching their grocery budget and making food last longer.

Qualifications Due: July 17, 2020

For full details, please download the attached RFQ.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are there payment schedules/structures that would be helpful for us to know?
    • From the RFQ: A professional fee schedule for the primary contact and the key personnel identified above who would be working on Agency projects.
      Our aim with this RFQ is to develop a list of contractors that we can work with on individual events, or perhaps series of events, so the payment structure should reflect all related costs to put on an event/demonstration or piece of written editorial content. Information should include an estimation of hourly salary, or salaries of potential people involved, materials, etc. These payment structures could be outlined hourly, or by product.
  • Could applicants submit jointly if they plan to collaborate? Can they apply individually and jointly?
    • Applicants are invited to submit individually and include any potential partners (sub-contractors) in the description and payment structure. Each event or piece of content will be contracted with one individual or organization, but may involve multiple people. Collaborations are not required, but are welcomed.
  • If we were to receive this contract, would that disqualify us from other grant or contract opportunities with StopWaste?
    • Contracts may be offered for individual events and services and would not disqualify you from other grant or contract opportunities with StopWaste. If you currently have a grant or a contract with StopWaste, please confirm with the Program Manager in charge of that contract that there is on conflict of interest.
  • Can you tell me a little more about how often you were looking for cooking demonstrations and for written educational content? And for how long, through the end of the year?
    • We are looking for both workshops and editorial content to support our campaign for the coming fiscal year (through June 2021), though there is potential for partnerships to continue beyond this time period.

      At the moment, we cannot confirm any schedule regarding the regularity of content and frequency of demonstrations. This will depend on the opportunities for events and workshops that arise, proposed events from applicants, as well as the level of production for each event or piece. For recorded short and simple cooking, storage, and planning demonstrations, we may be able to do more, but larger live events that require a significant amount of resources, time, and planning would be rarer. Editorial content, such as simple recipes, blog posts, and tip cards (examples found at can be one-off, or possibly a regular monthly series if a proposal aligns with the goals of the campaign.

  • Is there a timeline for when you plan to schedule the events/workshops?
    • Events and editorial content from this RFQ is anticipated to continue through June of 2021 (though the final list of possible contractors will remain active for 3 years). As each event and editorial piece could be a one-off, we would like to keep the timeline open to various opportunities, including the possibility of fitting into already planned and proposed events from applicants. As ideas and opportunities arise, we will consult the list and contact individuals and groups that we feel would be appropriate for an interview or meeting. Timelines may also need to be adjusted in response to the ongoing shifts in need and restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Under "Submittal Requirements", 1A we're asked to provide a client reference for each project. Does that mean a reference letter or only reference contact information listed?
    • Reference contact information is sufficient.
  • If we were to receive this contract, would we be able to cross post or is this a buyout?
    • We would be happy for you to cross-promote the demonstrations and content produced, especially if your audience aligns with our target, which is residents of Alameda County. StopWaste will maintain ownership of the content produced and must have final approval if edits are made.
  • What format is best for sending a video?
    • If possible, please send links to videos posted online (YouTube or Vimeo), though we frequently receive videos via Dropbox, Hightail or other cloud-based server. Regarding the file type, any typical file formats are accepted, but most common are MP4 or MOV.
  • Do I have to have all the insurance qualifications listed in the professional services agreement worked out at the time of submission?
    • You don’t need to present the certificates in order to submit, but you must send us a signed copy of Attachment A, acknowledging that you are aware of these requirements and StopWaste will not cover the cost.