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Multifamily Green Building Guidelines - 2008-2011 Edition

NOTE:  The "GreenPoint Rated" system, developed by Build It Green, is an updated rating and guideline system for new construction and upgrade/remodeling projects.  More information is available at the Build It Green website

Green building means improving our design and construction practices so that the homes we build today will last longer, cost less to operate and won’t harm people’s health. Green building also involves protecting the climate, conserving natural resources and improving the built environment so that people, communities and ecosystems can thrive.

These Guidelines were produced through collaboration between Green Building in Alameda County and Build It Green. They are designed for the multifamily residential building industry in California. They offer:

  • Cost-effective suggestions to minimize construction-related waste, create healthier and more durable residences, reduce operating costs for owners and support local manufacturers and suppliers of resource-efficient building materials.
  • Methods to reduce the environmental impacts of building in California communities, including infill development, energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, solid waste management, water conservation and resource conservation.