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Reusable Bag Ordinance (2016-2)

Ordinance 2012-2 as Amended by Ordinance 2016-2
"Reusable Bags Ordinance" (RBO)

Ordinance Regulating The Use Of Carryout Bags And Promoting The Use Of Reusable Bags

Adopted October 26, 2016



Starting May 1, 2017:

All retail stores that sell perishable or nonperishable goods including, but not limited to, clothing, food, and personal items

Starting November 1, 2017:

Restaurants and take-out food establishments, including food trucks and vendors who distribute food in bags

What is Required by the Ordinance?

  • Stop providing single use carryout bags
  • Stock compliant reusable and paper bags at checkout
  • Charge a minimum of 10 cents for compliant bags
  • Itemize 10 cent charge on receipts


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