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RFP: Fiscal Forecasts and Fund Balance/Reserve Analysis

StopWaste is requesting proposals from qualified consultants to assist in developing guidelines for the amount of available core fund balance and designated reserves to maintain, expressed as a percentage of annual core expenditures or another appropriate benchmark.

The selected firm will perform the following:

  • Prepare a variety of revenue and expenditure forecasts, including five-year and ten-year periods. These forecasts would be based on differing revenue and expenditure scenarios developed by the consultant in conjunction with Agency staff (e.g., core revenues decline, increasing, staying flat, expenditures increasing, declining, etc.).  
  • Using the results of these forecasts, determine appropriate available fund balances (and reserves). Include any industry standards if applicable.
  • Determine how long the Agency can maintain the strategy of matching ongoing revenues to ongoing expenditures and provide recommendations. Initial longer-term forecasts do indicate that modest reductions in revenue and modest increases in expenditures can exhaust fund balances in about eight years, based on current per ton fees.
  • Discuss whether a different fee structure should be implemented, including pros, cons, and recommended timing.
  • Evaluate alternatives to changing the fee structure.

Proposals Due:    November 8, 2021, 5pm PST

For additional details, please download the full RFP.  The StopWaste budget for FY21-22 is available here.