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RFQ for WELO Training and Technical Assistance

RFQ Release Date: June 25, 2018

Qualifications Due: July 23, 2018

StopWaste is seeking professional services to train public agency staff (14 cities and the County) who enforce building codes within Alameda County to use the StopWaste Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO) Tool Kit and also provide sample WELO compliant submittals and landscape plans.  In an effort to aid member agency staff in Alameda County, StopWaste has created a WELO Tool Kit. The Tool Kit consists of checklists that cover WELO requirements, a water budget calculator, a brochure for use at the planning counter and links to other resources. The qualified candidate or firm will work closely with StopWaste and MA staff to improve the implementation of WELO in Alameda County.

Questions and Answers: 
Updated July 17, 2018  

1.    Q: Is there any flexibility in the development deadlines for the materials?  Could that push to beginning in November rather than being developed in August/Sept?
A: We have training lined up in late September but the best intentions are not always met.  Let us know your availability.   It will be a factor when considering the whole package about the knowledge and quality of training, etc when we are considering candidates.   We realize even those who say they can make the training deadline might not be able to deliver it.

2.    Q: Does the Experience section have to be limited to two pages for the three of us or can each of the three of use submit a two-page statement?
A: The Statement of Experience has to be limited to 2 pages and address the areas of interest listed: 

  • Training landscape professionals
  • Code enforcement
  • Landscape inspections
  • WELO Content and requirements
  • Ability to create landscape plans and WELO submittal packages
  • Other relevant experience

This should be a list of the team, not individuals, but what your team brings. 
In item number 3 of the submittals section of the RFQ you can provide a brief resume of each individual team member and that is not limited to 2 pages for all of you. 

3.     Q: Please clarify that form 700 (Statement of Economic Interest From) only applies to current public employees and that I as a retired EBMUD employee would not be required to submit this form.  
A:  It is not your status as a public employee but rather the nature of your work that determines whether you have to fill out form 700.   Given the scope for this contract however, you would not need to fill one out. 

4.    Q: We are trying to determine how best to comply with the insurance requirements. We have several questions related to insurance. 
a.    At the present time, only one of our team carries all of the four required insurances. If our team was selected for Training contract would her insurance alone satisfy the insurance requirements for this contract? 

A: It would work only if you are her employees, otherwise you would need your own insurance.  

b.    Is there any possibility that the insurances for the other two team members be  picked-up in some way by StopWaste? Perhaps as temporary employees?
A:  No

c.    Is the only way to comply with the insurance requirements for the 2 team members without insurance is to purchase their own independent coverages? 
A:  Yes, unless they become employees of the one with insurance.

d.    If the 2 team members without insurance  are required to have insurance in place, do the insurances have to be place before we submit the RFQ or can it wait until we begin work. 
A: It can wait.  It is not required at point of submittal to the RFQ.   If selected you would need to have the insurance in place before StopWaste would execute a contract. 

e.    Please confirm that in any case that we would not be required to carry Workers’ Compensation insurance if we do not have any employees.  
A: If you are not employees, but a contractor with subcontractors, then you do not have to provide workers compensation. 

5.    Q: Please clarify if we need to each sign a separate Attachment “A” or if only one Attachment “A” would be required for all three of us.    
A: If there is one contract for all 3 with 2 of you listed as subcontractors then the lead contractor would sign Attachment A.   If that is unclear at this time, then all 3 should sign Attachment A forms. 

6.    Q: Under scope, Task 1 E, I assume refers just to Alameda County cities, correct?
A: Yes, that is correct.  

7.    Q: On Page 4 of the RFQ, Section 3 Fees and Staff Qualifications states: “A document that contains a fee schedule, as well as a list of the names…” Would you like this section to be submitted in a separate, password protected PDF or included with the other requested items?
A: This item does not have to be in a pdf but it can be.  The fee schedule just needs to be accurate and easy to correspond to the team members who are proposed in the RFQ. 


8.  Q: We have a few questions on the RFQ which we are interested in responding to:
a. Are you looking for more than one candidate to fill this RFQ?
A: We are ideally looking for one candidate/team.
b. If we have excellent qualifications for everything, except minor experience in hands-on professional training does this mean we will not be considered?
A: No, we will look for the best well rounded candidate/team.
c. Are you asking for just a billing rate schedule when you are asking for fee schedule or are you asking for a fee to complete the work?
A: It’s an RFQ, (not an RFP) we are asking for a billing rate for this submittal.
d. If you are not asking for a fee to complete the work do you have an anticipation of how much the chosen candidate will be paid for their work?
A: That will be based on the trainings completed and materials developed.

9. Q: If we are fortunate, enough to be asked to an interview is there any possibility we could be offered another date other than August 3rd?

A: Yes, we will be flexible if needed. We have scheduled a back-up interview date, which is Friday, August 10th.