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Success Stories

South Shore Center

South Shore Center is a 594,000 square-foot open-air shopping mall located in Alameda, California. Commercial tenants share several waste stations located throughout the mall. Starting in 2011, South Shore Center has worked with its tenants, garbage hauler and StopWaste to increase recycling and introduce the collection of food scraps and other compostable materials, especially at the mall’s many food service businesses. The mall converted one of their three trash compactors to collect compostables and added recycling containers, increasing South Shore’s waste diversion rate from 8% to 57%. One-on-one outreach, on-site assistance and ongoing support have been key to gain and sustain tenants’ participation in the new program. South Shore Center’s parent company, Jamestown, wholeheartedly supports the efforts and has acknowledged the mall’s achievements company-wide as part of their “Jamestown Green” sustainability program.