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Success Stories

Stanley Boulevard Safety and Streetscape Improvement Project

The 33-acre Stanley Boulevard Safety & Streetscape Improvement Project earned 133 points from the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes program, making it both the largest and highest scoring project to be awarded the coveted high performance landscape label. The renovated three-mile stretch of Stanley Boulevard between Pleasanton and Livermore includes sustainable landscape features that will provide extraordinary community benefits for many years. 


  • The landscape is designed to save 3.3 million gallons of irrigation water annually compared to a conventional landscape.
  • Bioswales help keep drinking water supplies healthy by capturing and naturally cleansing a majority of the roadway's rainwater runoff.
  • More than 12,000 new plants were installed, all of which are California native species chosen for their beauty, low water use, resilience, and habitat value for birds, butterflies, bees, and other beneficial wildlife. 
  • To improve soil health, increase the soil’s ability to retain water, and suppress weeds naturally, the soil was amended with more than 2,800 tons of local, recycled compost and covered with 975 tons of local, recycled mulch.
  • The project's Bay-Friendly landscape features are estimated to result in more than 380 tons of avoided greenhouse gas emissions. 


Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape score: 133

Year rated: 2013

Bay-Friendly Rater: Cynthia Greenberg, Placeworks