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StopWaste Schools Virtual Earth Day 2021

(Re)Imagine Our World Together: We are (Re)Generation! 

StopWaste invites everyone to celebrate virtual Earth Day by (Re)Imagining Our World Together. How do you take action to care for the earth? What are your “4Rs”? Take action this spring and join the (Re)Generation!


Earth Day Live Events 

Earth Day Kick Off: (Re)Imagine Our World Together 

When: Saturday, April 17, 2021 | 10am – 2pm 
Where: Online Via Zoom 

Learn. Reflect. Connect. Take Action! 

Celebrate Earth Day 2021 with StopWaste, youth, school champions, and community partners! Hear from youth, youth allies, activists, artists, and more on how they are (re)imagining the future they want to co-create with you. Reflect on what inspires you and plan ways you can take action!

Guest Speakers include: 

  • Favianna Rodriguez | Artist, organizer and social & climate justice activist

  • StopWaste Ambassador Program (SWAP) Youth | High school youth from Alameda County

  • FoodShift | Bay Area food recovery organization

  • The Aguilar Family | Oakland based action league members

Youth, families and school champions welcome to attend. Lunch will be provided to Alameda County youth participants.

Thank you to all who attended! The recording of this event will be made available shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email us at 

Earth Week (Re)Generation Talks 

Every weekday during Earth Week, join us from 5-6pm for (Re)Generation Talks - youth-led discussions on environmental and climate topics. Learn what "upstream solutions" means in supporting regenerative practices and systemic change.  

  • Monday, April 19, 2021 | 5-6pm 
    Rebuilding & Redesigning Healthier Communities 

  • Tuesday, April 20, 2021 | 5-6pm 
    Regenerative Schools: Water & Soil 

  • Wednesday, April 21, 2021 | 5-6pm 
    Regenerative Schools: Community Food Systems 

  • Thursday, April 22, 2021 | 5-6pm 
    Art in Action: We are the (Re)Generation! 

  • Friday, April 23, 2021 | 5-6pm 
    Art in Action: May the 4Rs Be With You Art Celebration 

Thank you to all who attended! The recording of each of these (Re)generation Talks will be made available shortly. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email us at 

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Earth Day Virtual Resource Fair

Explore our Virtual Resource Fair to celebrate Earth Day 2021 from the comfort of your own home!

This clickable curated collection features resources, activities and more to help inspire your Earth Day Actions! Explore the Fair at your own pace.

Want to learn more and join the discussion? Every day during Earth Week we will be hosting student-led (Re)Generation Talks – guided discussions on topics ranging from community design, food systems, art in action, and more! Register here for these talks.

Download the Virtual Resource Fair

May the 4Rs Be With You Art & Media Celebration 

Calling all Action Heroes and Ambassadors!  

Join youth and families across Alameda County in sharing your stories of action and connection that represents how you are part of the (Re)Generation. Through any storytelling medium that you choose i.e. video, photography, illustration, written or oral stories, and more - showcase how you use the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle & Rot) or come up with your own "R" actions to inspire others.  

Learn how to participate


(Re)Generation Action Adventures 

Join the League of 4Rs Action Heroes and take action to fight climate change and reduce waste. Choose your own action adventure and transform into Food Rescuers, Reuse Scientists, Climate Actioneers and (Re)Generation Artists & Storytellers!

4Rs Action Hero, aka Food Rescue Mama, shares with us how our action adventures help us (Re)Imagine Our World Together:


Stop Food Waste: Be a Food Rescue Hero

Did you know that eating your leftovers is one of the easiest ways to reduce food waste and reduce climate change? Food Rescuers can use the Leftovers (Re)Imagined Bingo Card to get inspired to creatively recook leftovers at home. 

StopWaste Goal by Monday, May 31:  5 schools take on the Leftovers (Re)Imagined Bingo Challenge school-wide. Email your submissions to

Watch 4Rs Action Heroes Annalisa and Hugo introduce the Leftovers (Re)Imagined Bingo Challenge

Download the Bingo Card.

Check out these additional resources and activities to help stop food waste. 


Stop Plastic Pollution Be a Reuse Scientist

How does litter interact with and affect our watersheds? Reuse Citizen Scientists, global scientists like me and you, collect and analyze data to assess litter in their communities, ask questions, and reflect on upstream solutions to reduce litter. 

StopWaste Goal by Friday, April 30: 1,000 pieces of litter geotagged on the StopWaste Litterati Challenge 

Download the App & Join the Challenge 
Challenge Code - STOPWASTE

View Litterati’s presentation with more information about the challenge and how to join 

Interested in hosting your own school or community challenge? StopWaste has accounts to share with interested groups. Fill out the survey below to let us know your interest! 

Sign up to Host Your Own Challenge 

Check out these additional resources and activities to help stop plastic pollution. 


Fight Global Climate Change: Be a Climate Actioneer

Are you looking for ways to take action to fight climate change in your homes and community? Join the StopWaste Climate Challenge, an online community group in partnership with Community Climate Solutions, that allows you to browse over 90 climate-friendly and sustainable actions and measure your impact along your way. 

StopWaste Goal by Thursday, April 22: 100 families signed up in our StopWaste Community group as part of the Alameda County Go Green Challenge 

Join the StopWaste Climate Challenge 


Create Systemic Change: Be a (Re)Generation Artist & Storyteller 

By now, we all might know the traditional 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (Compost). But how do our own experiences and what we care about expand upon the 4Rs and connect with what is truly meaningful to us? Using this activity series, join in the collective storytelling of our communities to reduce waste and create a healthier planet by exploring and creatively sharing out your own “4Rs.” 
StopWaste Goal:  200 youth & youth allies participate in our StopWaste Ambassador Program (SWAP) led (Re)Generation Earth Day Events and in the May the 4Rs Be With You Art & Media Celebration 

Learn more about the (Re)Generation