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Grantee - Marin Gourmet - FY21-22

Marin Gourmet is an immigrant founded local food manufacturing business whose products are available across the Bay Area at farmers markets and grocery stores. Funds will support the purchase of an oven and electric generator that maintains hot prepared food at the required temperature to increase donated food and ensure the safe donation of surplus from Alameda County farmer's markets to local food recovery and distribution organizations.

Grantee - MAKE IT HOME BAY AREA - FY21-22

Make It Home’s mission is to furnish homes of families and individuals transitioning out of crisis or homelessness with donated, gently used, repurposed furnishings and household goods. Funding will allow Make it Home to better serve Alameda County clients by securing a new furniture storage site in Alameda County as well as hiring an additional staff member. The new employee will manage all the logistics involved in responding and coordinating the furniture donations for the new storage unit and the curated shipments for the clients.

Grantee - Daily Bowl - FY20-21

Daily Bowl's mission is to recover surplus food that would otherwise go to waste and rapidly redistribute to local food pantries and agencies catering to our less fortunate and hungry community members. Funds will be used to glean produce and prepared food from commercial establishments, grocery stores, and eating establishments and distribute to local non-profit food pantries and places of worship.

Grantee - Arsola's Distribution Center and Community Services - FY20-21

Arsola’s Distribution Center and Community Services is a nonprofit community organization that provides safe, comfortable, stable housing, food access, and support services to bring about social, behavioral, and economic growth and advancement for individuals struggling to build a better way of life. Funds will support Arsola's food pantry program in East Oakland, which recovers over 350,000 lbs. of food annually to feed roughly 8,600 individuals and families each month.

Grantee - Riverdog Farm - FY20-21

Riverdog Farm is a 450 acre certified organic farm located in Capay Valley. Funds will be used to replace waxed cardboard boxes with 1,060 reusable plastic totes to transport produce to Alameda County farm box customers. The reusable totes will prevent the purchase, use, and disposal of approximately 8,750 lbs of waxed cardboard boxes and 52 rolls of butcher paper annually.

Grantee - Philz Coffee - FY20-21

Philz Coffee is a coffee roaster retailer with over 50 coffee shops, as well as wholesale and online roasted coffee sales. Funds will be used to replace single-use plastic pallet wrap with 48 reusable pallet wraps for weekly shipments of coffee beans from their third-party warehouse in San Leandro to the Philz Coffee Roasting Plant in Oakland. It is estimated that the reusable pallet wraps will prevent the purchase, use, and disposal of disposal of 1,822 lbs of plastic pallet wrap each year.

Grantee - Replate - FY20-21

Replate's technology platform enables businesses to schedule on-demand pickups for their surplus food and activates the community to reliably redistribute surplus food to those experiencing food insecurity. Funds will be used to increase Replate's presence in Alameda County through automated dispatching that will improve efficiency, optimize routes, and free up staff time for building partnerships.

Grantee - The Crucible - FY20-21

The Crucible inspires creative exploration with hands-on arts education and experiences for people of diverse ages and backgrounds. Grant funds will be used to purchase an industrial washing machine and dryer which will allow them to clean welding jackets, rags, tablecloths, and ceramics class textiles onsite, instead of sending them to landfill.

Grantee - Re-Up Refill Shop - FY20-21

The ReUp Refill shop in Oakland allows customers to get bath, body, kitchen, and cleaning products in refillable containers, reducing waste from single-use plastics. Funds will allow the shop to purchase a pre-owned electric bike for sustainable deliveries and refurbish a used shipping container to provide storage of large scale inventory items such as 55 gallon drums.

Grantee - Orta Kitchen Garden - FY20-21

Orta's mission is to help people grow their own plants from seeds and cuttings which reduces plastic waste from nursery pots and provides a successful, satisfying zero-waste experience. Grant funding will allow Orta Kitchen to build a trimming machine that will reduce waste and increase labor productivity by streamlining production and operations, reducing labor costs, and creating greater organizational capacity.


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