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Grantee - The Crucible - FY20-21

The Crucible inspires creative exploration with hands-on arts education and experiences for people of diverse ages and backgrounds. Grant funds will be used to purchase an industrial washing machine and dryer which will allow them to clean welding jackets, rags, tablecloths, and ceramics class textiles onsite, instead of sending them to landfill.

Grantee - Re-Up Refill Shop - FY20-21

The ReUp Refill shop in Oakland allows customers to get bath, body, kitchen, and cleaning products in refillable containers, reducing waste from single-use plastics. Funds will allow the shop to purchase a pre-owned electric bike for sustainable deliveries and refurbish a used shipping container to provide storage of large scale inventory items such as 55 gallon drums.

Grantee - Orta Kitchen Garden - FY20-21

Orta's mission is to help people grow their own plants from seeds and cuttings which reduces plastic waste from nursery pots and provides a successful, satisfying zero-waste experience. Grant funding will allow Orta Kitchen to build a trimming machine that will reduce waste and increase labor productivity by streamlining production and operations, reducing labor costs, and creating greater organizational capacity.

Grantee - Kala Art Institute - FY20-21

Kala Art Institute's mission is to help artists sustain their creative work over time through artist residencies and to engage the community through exhibitions, public programs, and education. Funds will be used to repair large scale printmaking and digital equipment to prevent the items from being recycled and/or landfilled, as well as purchase an industrial washer/dryer so they can switch to reusable rags.

Grantee - Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda and CASA Youth - FY20-21

CASA is a community-wide coalition dedicated to raising awareness, mobilizing community action, and facilitating the implementation of programs to achieve the goals of the City of Alameda’s Climate Action and Resiliency Plan and to increase community sustainability and well-being. Funds will support CASA and CASA Youth to develop and pilot a Reusables To-Go Pilot Program to dramatically reduce disposable food ware waste in Alameda’s downtown Park Street district.

Grantee - Alameda Natural Grocery / East Bay Natural Grocers - FY20-21

East Bay Natural Grocers, Inc. is comprised of three locally owned, independently operated and certified green food retailers, including two natural foods stores and one food service operation. Funds support a pilot project to implement reusable food containers for the transportation of hot and cold foods from their eatery Tomato, as well as for bulk and baked goods. Project will commence when County Health Order allows bulk food and buffet service.

Grantee - Filljoy LLC - FY19-20

Filljoy's mission is to reduce single-use plastic, packaging and product waste in retail environments. Filljoy is a technology solution that simplifies and encourages bulk shopping by utilizing apps available on smartphones. Filljoy’s innovative technology solution makes it easier for customers to shop with their own reusable containers. Funding to pilot Filljoy software/kiosks at three Alameda County grocery stores that offer bulk purchasing options.

Reusable Bag Law

Since 2013, grocery stores and certain other food retailers in Alameda County have not been allowed to provide single-use plastic carryout bags at checkout, and the results have been great for our local environment.

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