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South Shore Center

South Shore Center is a 594,000 square-foot open-air shopping mall located in Alameda, California. Commercial tenants share several waste stations located throughout the mall. Starting in 2011, South Shore Center has worked with its tenants, garbage hauler and StopWaste to increase recycling and introduce the collection of food scraps and other compostable materials, especially at the mall’s many food service businesses.

EPP Fact Sheet: Traffic Control Products

Throughout the nation, local and state transportation departments have approved for use high quality road and highway products made with recycled materials. These agencies are purchasing a variety of products, including recycled content traffic cones, traffic barricades, channelizers, delineators, parking stops, sound barriers, object markers, reflective glass beads and much more. These traffic control products have been found to deliver high performance and often reduce maintenance costs.

Regulations & Compliance

StopWaste can help Alameda County businesses, non-profits and institutions stay informed about current landfill bans, policies and ordinances related to proper collection and recycling of resources and hazardous wastes. Our goal is to provide links to current information so that you can operate your organization most efficiently.

Some regulations apply within Alameda County, others apply only to operations within certain cities, and some affect all commercial accounts within California.


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