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Grantee - Berkeley Food Pantry, project of The Berkeley Friends Church - FY21-22

Berkeley Food Pantry brings good, nutritious groceries into Berkeley and Albany homes experiencing crisis, serving an average of 821 households (2037 people) each month. Funding will support a delivery and incentive pilot incorporating reusable delivery bags in their Pantry at Your Door program, which delivers food to at-risk populations such as elderly, disabled or low-income families with children. Replacing disposable bags will will reduce cost and waste, while making safe food handling easier.

Grantee - Berkeley Food Network - FY20-21

The Berkeley Food Network (BFN) is an innovative, community-centered organization that brings expanded food assistance services to food-insecure Berkeley residents. BFN’s goal is to ensure that all Berkeley residents are free from hunger and have access to affordable high-quality, healthy food. Funds will be used to grow the Food Recovery Program, which currently rescues 40,000+ lbs. of food each month, as well as purchase reusable transport equipment and containers for food rescue and distribution.


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Grantee - Riverdog Farm - FY20-21

Riverdog Farm is a 450 acre certified organic farm located in Capay Valley. Funds will be used to replace waxed cardboard boxes with 1,060 reusable plastic totes to transport produce to Alameda County farm box customers. The reusable totes will prevent the purchase, use, and disposal of approximately 8,750 lbs of waxed cardboard boxes and 52 rolls of butcher paper annually.

Grantee - The Berkeley Food Network - FY20-21

The Berkeley Food Network aims to provide an innovative, community-centered network of food sourcing and distribution to alleviate the problems of hunger and poor nutrition in Berkeley. Funds will be used to further develop the Food Recovery Program, which recovers food that would otherwise have gone into the waste stream from food retailers, distributers, and producers in Berkeley and nearby municipalities. Increased food recovered will be used in the pantry program as well as grow the Hub Kitchen Program to provide at least 1,500 meals a week.

Grantee - Kala Art Institute - FY20-21

Kala Art Institute's mission is to help artists sustain their creative work over time through artist residencies and to engage the community through exhibitions, public programs, and education. Funds will be used to repair large scale printmaking and digital equipment to prevent the items from being recycled and/or landfilled, as well as purchase an industrial washer/dryer so they can switch to reusable rags.


A free, a one-day HHW event in Albany on 6/28.


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