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Grantee - Blue Bottle Coffee - FY21-22

Blue Bottle Coffee was founded in Oakland in 2002 with a simple yet revolutionary idea: serve delicious coffee, roasted fresh and brewed to order, sourced from sustainable coffee farms. Funds will be used to purchase four bulk containers to transport coffee beans from their West Sacramento Roastery to the Gilman Brewery. Additionally, 10 reusable pallets will replace limited-use wooden pallets used to move spent coffee grounds. As a result, 5,876 lbs of wood and 700 lbs of plastic will be eliminated per year.

Grantee - Lake Merritt United Methodist Church - FY21-22

Lake Merritt United Methodist Church (LMUMC) operates food programs that serve individuals and families living near the church and all over Alameda County. LMUMC operates a monthly food distribution of shelf stable and fresh produce and food is available in between upon request. Hot meals and sandwich lunches are prepared and distribute twice each week to the housed and unhoused near the church as well as through its partners.

Grantee - Waterside Workshops - FY21-22

Waterside Workshops engages youth and the community through hands-on learning in bicycle mechanics, wooden boatbuilding, and outdoor education. Waterside is a safe place for youth to feel heard, gain confidence, develop work skills, and access the tools and resources needed to lead healthy, sustainable lives. Street Level Cycles sources and reuses discarded bicycles in our youth job-training program and provides a free do-it-yourself public bike repair shop. Rebuilt bicycles provide green transportation for low-income youth and adults, and support our free education programs.

Grantee - Berkeley Food Network - FY21-22

The Berkeley Food Network (BFN) is an innovative, community-centered organization that brings expanded food assistance services to food-insecure Berkeley residents. BFN’s goal is to ensure that all Berkeley residents are free from hunger and have access to affordable high-quality, healthy food. Funds will be used to purchase a pallet jack and operationalize a recovery network in the East Bay, allowing BFN to accept large donations from Tier 1 generators and distribute to other food recovery organizations within their network, acting as a food hub.

Grantee - Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation (Grace Baptist Church) - FY21-22

Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation (Grace Baptist Church) provides the Oakland community with food for those in need. Funds will support purchasing equipment to support Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation to improve on their food rescue and distribution work in Oakland and better serve their clients in an efficient and organized manner. The funds will help purchase one double door refrigerator, reusable coolers, thermal blankets, hot/cold packs, one utility cart, cooking and food serving supplies, shelving, and two worktables.

Grantee - Berkeley Food Pantry, project of The Berkeley Friends Church - FY21-22

Berkeley Food Pantry brings good, nutritious groceries into Berkeley and Albany homes experiencing crisis, serving an average of 821 households (2037 people) each month. Funding will support a delivery and incentive pilot incorporating reusable delivery bags in their Pantry at Your Door program, which delivers food to at-risk populations such as elderly, disabled or low-income families with children. Replacing disposable bags will will reduce cost and waste, while making safe food handling easier.

Grantee - Telegraph Community Ministry Center - FY21-22

The Telegraph Community Ministry Center has the goal of reaching out to those in need by providing food and clothing within their community since 1967. Funds will support the purchase of a van that will increase the ability to recover food from local retailers, as well as bring food to individuals and partners who are unable to travel by providing a mobile food pantry.

Grantee - Oakland Communities United for Equity & Justice - FY21-22

Oakland Communities United for Equity & Justice's Self Help Hunger Program, as an organization founded "by and for" resilient but displacement-vulnerable North Oakland residents, has been supporting the community for 14 years. Funds will support an increase in the Community Cooks Trainees Project, hot meal program, donation partners, and amount of recovered food, by providing funds for personnel time, transportation, and a generator.

Grantee - MEANS Database - FY21-22

MEANS Database is a non profit food recovery platform that works to mitigate food waste and connect emergency food providers to food donations using an online platform to connect food businesses with excess food, such as restaurants, warehouses, and catering companies, to nearby nonprofits that serve the community. Funding will support MEANS food recovery work throughout Alameda County to recover an estimated 100,000 pounds of food in one year.


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