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Grantee - Food Shift, a fiscally sponsored project of Earth Island Institute - FY21-22

Food Shift reduces food waste, nourishes neighbors, and provides jobs by recovering overlooked food and upcycles/redistributes it through their culinary training program which hires apprentices overcoming employment discrimination. Funds will be used to implement and scale PAWSitive Bones, a social enterprise producing the first 100% upcycled dog treat, made from locally-sourced, recovered surplus produce and other food by-products that would typically go to waste.

Grantee - Kala Art Institute - FY21-22

Kala’s mission is to help artists sustain their creative work over time through its artist residencies, and to engage the community through exhibitions, public programs, and education. Kala’s artist residency and art classes are unique because of the array of equipment and technology we have specializing in printmaking. Funds will enable Kala to repair bulky, specialized printmaking equipment in a sustainable way to keep large items out of the landfill and in circulation in Kala's studio. Over 500 artists each year will have access to this specialized equipment once repaired.

Grantee - Berkeley Student Food Collective - FY21-22

The Berkeley Student Food Collective is a nonprofit educational grocery store, kitchen, and democratic member organization that works to provide healthy, sustainable, and affordable food for Berkeley's Southside and the UC Berkeley community. Funds will increase production of Pay-What-You-Want meals made with recovered surplus inventory, including a student associate to coordinate and train volunteers, as well as work on expanding operational capacity of the community kitchen through design and new equipment.

Grantee - Marin Gourmet - FY21-22

Marin Gourmet is an immigrant founded local food manufacturing business whose products are available across the Bay Area at farmers markets and grocery stores. Funds will support the purchase of an oven and electric generator that maintains hot prepared food at the required temperature to increase donated food and ensure the safe donation of surplus from Alameda County farmer's markets to local food recovery and distribution organizations.

Grantee - Berkeley Food Network - FY20-21

The Berkeley Food Network (BFN) is an innovative, community-centered organization that brings expanded food assistance services to food-insecure Berkeley residents. BFN’s goal is to ensure that all Berkeley residents are free from hunger and have access to affordable high-quality, healthy food. Funds will be used to grow the Food Recovery Program, which currently rescues 40,000+ lbs. of food each month, as well as purchase reusable transport equipment and containers for food rescue and distribution.

Grantee - Dorothy Day House - FY20-21

Dorothy Day House's mission is to provide a caring presence, sustenance, and shelter to those in-need among us. Funds will support expansion of an existing food rescue program and will be used to purchase food transport containers and a two-door refrigerator to rescue and store more food to feed the residents at Camp Horizon in Berkeley. The equipment will help them increase their foodservice needs by 30%.

Grantee - Transition Berkeley - FY20-21

Transition Berkeley's mission is to bring community together to build a more equitable, sustainable, and resilient future for Berkeley. Funds will be used to continue offering the Reuse and Repair class to both Berkeley Independent and Berkeley Technology High Schools.  Curriculum focuses on waste stream education, product design for reuse, circular economy, and repair.  Class will provide practical hands-on learning about how to diagnosis and repair electronics, small appliances, bicycles, clothing, and furniture.


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