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Grantee - Lake Merritt United Methodist Church - FY21-22

Lake Merritt United Methodist Church (LMUMC) operates food programs that serve individuals and families living near the church and all over Alameda County. LMUMC operates a monthly food distribution of shelf stable and fresh produce and food is available in between upon request. Hot meals and sandwich lunches are prepared and distribute twice each week to the housed and unhoused near the church as well as through its partners.

Grantee - Tech Exchange - FY21-22

Funding will support Tech Exchange’s sustainable computer refurbishment and workforce development efforts as they work toward the vision of digital equity. Specifically, funding from StopWaste would underwrite the stipends of two Civicorps interns for two 6 month internships who will serve in Tech Exchange’s warehouse at the heart of our reuse operation.

Grantee - Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation (Grace Baptist Church) - FY21-22

Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation (Grace Baptist Church) provides the Oakland community with food for those in need. Funds will support purchasing equipment to support Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation to improve on their food rescue and distribution work in Oakland and better serve their clients in an efficient and organized manner. The funds will help purchase one double door refrigerator, reusable coolers, thermal blankets, hot/cold packs, one utility cart, cooking and food serving supplies, shelving, and two worktables.

Grantee - Oakland Communities United for Equity & Justice - FY21-22

Oakland Communities United for Equity & Justice's Self Help Hunger Program, as an organization founded "by and for" resilient but displacement-vulnerable North Oakland residents, has been supporting the community for 14 years. Funds will support an increase in the Community Cooks Trainees Project, hot meal program, donation partners, and amount of recovered food, by providing funds for personnel time, transportation, and a generator.

Grantee - Kala Art Institute - FY21-22

Kala’s mission is to help artists sustain their creative work over time through its artist residencies, and to engage the community through exhibitions, public programs, and education. Kala’s artist residency and art classes are unique because of the array of equipment and technology we have specializing in printmaking. Funds will enable Kala to repair bulky, specialized printmaking equipment in a sustainable way to keep large items out of the landfill and in circulation in Kala's studio. Over 500 artists each year will have access to this specialized equipment once repaired.

Grantee - Arsola's Distribution Center and Community Services - FY20-21

Arsola’s Distribution Center and Community Services is a nonprofit community organization that provides safe, comfortable, stable housing, food access, and support services to bring about social, behavioral, and economic growth and advancement for individuals struggling to build a better way of life. Funds will support Arsola's food pantry program in East Oakland, which recovers over 350,000 lbs. of food annually to feed roughly 8,600 individuals and families each month.

Grantee - Replate - FY20-21

Replate's technology platform enables businesses to schedule on-demand pickups for their surplus food and activates the community to reliably redistribute surplus food to those experiencing food insecurity. Funds will be used to increase Replate's presence in Alameda County through automated dispatching that will improve efficiency, optimize routes, and free up staff time for building partnerships.

Grantee - Re-Up Refill Shop - FY20-21

The ReUp Refill shop in Oakland allows customers to get bath, body, kitchen, and cleaning products in refillable containers, reducing waste from single-use plastics. Funds will allow the shop to purchase a pre-owned electric bike for sustainable deliveries and refurbish a used shipping container to provide storage of large scale inventory items such as 55 gallon drums.


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