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Grantee - Loved Twice - FY22-23

Loved Twice believes every newborn baby deserves to have clothes for their first year of life—one of life’s basic necessities. Loved Twice provides clothing for newborns in need with quality reused baby clothing. Funds will be used to support Loved Twice to provide “wardrobes-in-a-box” that will keep babies clothed and warm for a year. Funds will help meet the increase in requests from social workers in Alameda County.

Grantee - Emeryville Celebration of the Arts, Inc. - FY22-23

The mission of Emeryville Celebration of the Arts is to foster an appreciation of the arts and artists of Emeryville, produce and coordinate community-based events and programs, and increase public awareness of the rich diversity of all forms of creative expression in Emeryville. Funding will allow the organization to cover the initial large startup costs to fabricate almost 800 totes and pouches manufactured with salvaged street banners that advertised previous annual art exhibitions. These upcycled products will generate income from their sales to the community.

Grantee - EIKON Church of the Nazarene - FY22-23

EIKON is a Hayward based church and nonprofit who works with World Vision to receive and redistribute home goods through a partner network of thirty-seven nonprofits across the Bay Area who use the goods to impact the homes and lives of the most vulnerable families and individuals in Alameda County. Funds will be used to cover the costs to transport returned goods from Costco in Tracy to Hayward facility as well as cover administrative costs for staff associated with improving internal tracking. Goods are distributed to partners at the Hayward facility and their new facility in Oakland.

Grantee - The Berkeley Food Network - FY22-23

The Berkeley Food Network (BFN) is an innovative, community-centered organization that brings expanded food assistance services to food-insecure Berkeley residents. BFN’s goal is to ensure that all Berkeley residents are free from hunger and have access to affordable high-quality, healthy food. Funds will support the refinement of their food recovery program to be more deliberate, efficient, and flexible, resulting in the targeted recovery of greater quantities of desirable, waste-free, high-quality foods from large generators.

Grantee - FoodWare - FY22-23

FoodWare was founded in 2021 and uses a technology-driven collect & return system to replace single-use foodware. This project will expand FoodWare’s reusable container service for takeout to more restaurants and cafes in the cities of Berkeley, Oakland and other nearby communities.

Grantee - Lake Merritt United Methodist Church - FY21-22

Lake Merritt United Methodist Church (LMUMC) operates food programs that serve individuals and families living near the church and all over Alameda County. LMUMC operates a monthly food distribution of shelf stable and fresh produce and food is available in between upon request. Hot meals and sandwich lunches are prepared and distribute twice each week to the housed and unhoused near the church as well as through its partners.

Grantee - Tech Exchange - FY21-22

Funding will support Tech Exchange’s sustainable computer refurbishment and workforce development efforts as they work toward the vision of digital equity. Specifically, funding from StopWaste would underwrite the stipends of two Civicorps interns for two 6 month internships who will serve in Tech Exchange’s warehouse at the heart of our reuse operation.

Grantee - Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation (Grace Baptist Church) - FY21-22

Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation (Grace Baptist Church) provides the Oakland community with food for those in need. Funds will support purchasing equipment to support Acts of Grace Bay Area Foundation to improve on their food rescue and distribution work in Oakland and better serve their clients in an efficient and organized manner. The funds will help purchase one double door refrigerator, reusable coolers, thermal blankets, hot/cold packs, one utility cart, cooking and food serving supplies, shelving, and two worktables.

Grantee - Oakland Communities United for Equity & Justice - FY21-22

Oakland Communities United for Equity & Justice's Self Help Hunger Program, as an organization founded "by and for" resilient but displacement-vulnerable North Oakland residents, has been supporting the community for 14 years. Funds will support an increase in the Community Cooks Trainees Project, hot meal program, donation partners, and amount of recovered food, by providing funds for personnel time, transportation, and a generator.


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