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Grantee - Daily Bowl - FY19-20

Daily Bowl's mission is to recover edible food destined for waste and distribute that across to agencies catering to our less fortunate and hungry community members.. Funds used to support programs that incorporate collecting prepared food from commercial establishments, grocery stores and eating establishments and distribute to local non-profit food pantries.

Grantee - Tri Valley Haven - FY18-19

Tri-Valley Haven serves as a vital community resource serving adults and children who have experienced domestic violence, sexual assault, or homelessness. Funding supports Tri-Valley Haven’s desire to expand its Food Pantry efforts in both the number of Grocery Rescue pickups conducted each week, reducing the amount of food waste from area grocery stores. In addition, funding allows an increase in the number of locations served by the Mobile Pantry program.

Reusable Bag Law

Since 2013, grocery stores and certain other food retailers in Alameda County have not been allowed to provide single-use plastic carryout bags at checkout, and the results have been great for our local environment.

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Alameda County Green Business Program Case Study: Emerald Packaging

As the second largest employer in Union City and the largest flexible packaging manufacturer on the West Coast, Emerald Packaging proudly embraces responsible leadership. The company has many innovative sustainable initiatives and frequently introduces innovative tools and practices to the industry. In 2006, Emerald Packing created the first compostable plastic package in the produce industry using plant-based, bio-degradable (PLA) film. In 2012, they initiated advances in “field to fork” food product traceability with their packaging.


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