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Reliance Metalcenter

Reliance Metalcenter in Union City is a division of Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co., one of the country’s largest metals service center companies. Reliance Metalcenter has 70 employees and processes plate, sheet metal, rod and bar. Staff used to discard cardboard packaging from metal deliveries, because some of it was contaminated with protective lubricants.

EPP Fact Sheet: Traffic Control Products

Throughout the nation, local and state transportation departments have approved for use high quality road and highway products made with recycled materials. These agencies are purchasing a variety of products, including recycled content traffic cones, traffic barricades, channelizers, delineators, parking stops, sound barriers, object markers, reflective glass beads and much more. These traffic control products have been found to deliver high performance and often reduce maintenance costs.

Orcon Corporation, Union City

Orcon Corporation, a manufacturer of film and seam products for the aerospace and carpet industries, purchased equipment and software to switch to a paperless office system. Incoming paperwork is scanned and saved to the network, instead of making duplicate hard copies for different departments. The company now generates well over a million (or 80%) fewer hard copies each year, has nearly eliminated the costs of long term paper document storage and destruction, and regained valuable office space formerly taken by 50 file cabinets.


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