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Green Building Overview

Green buildings are better for people and the environment. Benefits include:

  • Energy savings
  • Water savings
  • Healthy indoor air quality
  • Reduced waste
  • More livable communities


Green buildings are also better for business. Many Bay Area building owners and building industry professionals are finding that building green helps them to:

  • Differentiate their property or their company from competitors
  • Provide their clients with a higher value product
  • Meet the growing demand for buildings that cost less to operate and are healthier for occupants


Explore this Construction and Renovation section to learn about high performance nonresidential and multifamily buildings. If you're looking for information about single-family homes, check out our Greener Homes section. 

More information is also available on our Construction and Demolition Debris page.


Optimizing Recycled Content in Building Materials

StopWaste partnered with Healthy Building Network and the San Francisco Department of the Environment to investigate ways to enhance the quality of post-consumer recycled-content raw materials (or “feedstock”) used in the manufacturing of building products. A series of reports summarize our findings and recommendations for optimizing recycled-content feedstocks in order to increase product value, marketability and safety.