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Resources for Landscape Professionals by Scorecard Category

This list of resources for landscape professionals is organized by the categories in the Bay-Friendly Landscape Scorecard. To return to the main Resources for Landscape Professionals page, click here.


Bay-Friendly Landscape Site Analysis Form

Use this form to ensure a thorough review of existing conditions at a project site and evaluate opportunities to incorporate Bay-Friendly Landscape practices.


Bay-Friendly Section 329300 Plants

Use this model language in your specifications. It covers several practices in the Bay-Friendly Landscape Scorecard such as soil testing, soil amendments and preparation, mulch requirements, and integrated or organic pest management.

Bay-Friendly Guide to Mulch (English and Spanish) and Mulch Case Study

Learn about using mulch to create beautiful, healthy landscapes that control weeds without chemicals, conserve water, improve soil health and reduce labor costs.

Compost and Mulch Sources and Product Information

Find local sources of bulk quantities of compost and recycled mulch at the online Lawn to Garden Marketplace.

Compost Use for Landscape and Environmental Enhancement

Technical report prepared by University of California for CalRecycle, in partnership with CalTrans, on the use compost and mulch in planting and other applications.  This report discusses key attributes of compost, performance of compost in different applications, and provides standards and model specifications. 


Bay-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Recycled Content and Salvaged Materials

Learn about ways to reduce waste and create beautiful landscapes using salvaged and recycled content materials. Find out about types and sources of materials, how to use urbanite to build benches and garden walls, and more.  

Builders' Guide to Reuse and Recycling—Alameda County

Locate facilities in Alameda County that accept construction and demolition materials for reuse and recycling.

Recycled Content Park and Recreation Products in Alameda County

Get information and sample specification language for purchasing recycled content playground equipment, playground surfacing, and parks furnishings.

Section 01505 Construction and Demolition Waste Management 

Use this model language in your specifications for C&D waste management and recycling.

Debris Recovery Plan Pre-Demolition/Pre-Construction 

Use this template to track and document recycling of waste created during construction and demolition.


Bay-Friendly Landscaping Plant Legend Template

Use this template for your plant list to ensure that you are meeting Bay-Friendly requirements for low-water using plants and providing adequate space for plants to reach mature size.

Bay-Friendly Example of Filled-in Plant Template 

See an example of a filled-in Plant Legend that meets Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes requirements.

Bay-Friendly Plant Lists

Get suggestions for plants suited to Bay-Friendly gardens and landscapes, including top plants for the Bay Area, lawn alternatives, plants for natural hedges and swales, plants that attract butterflies, and more.

Bay-Friendly Section 329300 Plants

Use this model language in your Plants specifications. It covers several practices on the Bay-Friendly Landscape Scorecard such as soil testing, soil amendments and preparation, mulch requirements, and integrated or organic pest management.


Bay-Friendly Landscape Maintenance Model Specifications

Use this model language to make sure your maintenance specifications include Bay-Friendly practices.

Bay-Friendly Landscaping Guide to Grasscycling and Grasscycling Case Study

Learn how to save money and create healthy, attractive turf by grasscycling. Get Bay-Friendly lawn care recommendations and tips from local landscape professionals.


Bay-Friendly Sample RFP Language for a Landscape Design Team or a Bay-Friendly Rater

Use this model language in Requests for Proposals for landscape designers to design Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes and for hiring a Bay-Friendly Rater.

Section 013521 Bay-Friendly Landscaping Requirements 

Use this model specification language to require that a project be built as a Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape. The spec language defines Bay-Friendly and lists submittal requirements. Using this spec language earns innovation credits in the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape rating system.

Bay-Friendly Rated Educational Sign Instructions

Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape projects can earn innovation credits by including Bay-Friendly educational signage.

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