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StopWaste Environmental Educator Training

The StopWaste Environmental Educator Training (SWEET) is a six week training, outreach and certification program. The training is full, thank you for your interest.


Sample Syllabus

Ongoing Outreach Project 

Conceive and partner on a lawn to garden conversion project to teach friends, family and acquaintances about sheet mulching. Project must take place in Alameda County.

Class 1. Introduction and Potluck - The Wasteshed, Watershed, Foodshed

Course overview and requirements; introduction to staff and class members; looking at the connection between watersheds, wastesheds and foodsheds and the collective impact from California landscapes; an overview of successful community projects.

Class 2. Sheet Mulch Field Class

Hands-on dissection of every sheet mulching step including assessing the site, trenching, retrofitting sprinklers, sheet mulching process, planting strategies - everything from prep to planting.

Class 3. Science of Sheet Mulching 

Nitty gritty on soil, compost and mulch. Digging deeper into the science and best practices of these materials. Creating your own ‘sheet mulch in a glass’.

Class 4. Presentation Basics

Tips for effective presentations and working with the public; practice presenting a portion of the sheet mulch agenda; preparing for your project.

Class 5. Sheet Mulch Nitty Gritty - Maintenance and Troubleshooting - Field Class

Design, irrigation and maintenance considerations at a converted lawn site; troubleshooting tips; review of sheet mulch basics in a mock game show.

Class 6. Sharing Project Successes and Graduation

Sharing student sheet mulch projects; books, materials, resources and local programs to help with future projects; graduation ceremony.

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