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Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan (CoIWMP)

The Countywide Integrated Waste Management Plan (CoIWMP) is a state-mandated plan prepared by the Alameda County Waste Management Authority. The Plan identifies solid waste facilities and wastesheds within Alameda County. It describes the countywide plan for reaching the state-mandated 50% recycling goal and the county-mandated 75% recycling goal. Waste reduction and disposal facilities in the county that require Solid Waste Facility Permits must conform with policies and siting criteria contained in the CoIWMP.

The CoIWMP includes, by reference, source reduction and recycling elements, household hazardous waste elements and non-disposal facility elements for each city and the unincorporated county area, as well as a plan that describes countywide diversion programs and landfill disposal needs.

The CoIWMP was first adopted in 1997.