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Home Gardening

Sustainable gardening practices, like using compost and sheet mulching, not only add nutrients to the soil they also conserve water and fight climate change. StopWaste offers tools, tips, and how-to talks to help gardeners get started at home, and landscape resources for public agencies and professionals.


Build Healthy Soil with Compost

Healthy soil is the foundation of a beautiful, bountiful, and drought-tolerant garden. Using compost is a great way to improve your soil.

Go From Lawn to Garden

Removing your lawn gives you the opportunity to create a vibrant, water-saving garden.

  • We have tools to help you locate materials and get started.
  • Visit our website for more details. 

Gardening Talks and Events

Check our calendar of upcoming gardening events. 

  • Learn new techniques and get inspired.
  • Find out about plant sales. 
  • Meet like-minded gardeners.

How to Make Compost Tea

Compost Tea is a simple brew that’s filled with good bacteria your soil and plants will love.

How to Make Compost Tea