Natural gardening techniques such as using compost and mulch can help you save water, control weeds and pests, and add nutrients to the soil. This is great for plants, but that's not all — it's also healthier for people, pets and wildlife.

StopWaste works with home gardeners, landscape professionals and other public agencies to promote sustainable gardening practices. We offer how-to talks, resources, and other programs throughout Alameda County.

Seasonal Spotlight

Rethinking the Lawn

Caroline Harris is gung-ho about sheet mulching and she’s not shy about knocking on her neighbor’s door with a smile on her face, a pile of cardboard in her arms, and a witty comment on the tip of her lips. After seeing a speaker demonstrate sheet mulching at a Bay-Friendly nursery talk, Caroline decided to give it a try – and also ended up helping many of her neighbors convert their lawns using this technique.

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