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Natural gardening techniques such as using compost and sheet mulching can help you save water, control weeds and pests, and add nutrients to the soil. This is great for plants, but that's not all — it's also healthier for people, pets and wildlife.

StopWaste works with home gardeners, landscape professionals and other public agencies to promote sustainable gardening practices. We offer how-to talks, resources, and other programs throughout Alameda County. Sign-up for our e-news and stay connected!

Go From Lawn to Garden

Removing your lawn gives you the opportunity to create a vibrant, water-saving garden.

  • Our videos show you how to sheet mulch your lawn.  
  • We have tools that can help you locate materials and get started.

Build Healthy Soil with Compost

Healthy soil is the foundation of a beautiful, bountiful, and drought-tolerant garden. Making and using compost is a great way to improve your soil.

Find the Right Plant for the Right Place

Appropriately selected plants require less water, have greater pest resistance, and look great. 

The Compost Story

How do we love compost? Let us count the ways!  This video, produced with StopWaste support, shows the multiple benefits of compost including waste reduction, water savings, food production and reversing climate change.

The Compost Story (Full Video) by Kiss The Ground