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WELO Tool Kit

StopWaste's WELO Tool Kit consists of a water budget/water use calculator, checklists and a brochure. You can download the checklists as one pdf file, as individual pdf files, or as customizable Word files.

Click on the View Downloads button to access these files: 

  • WELO Water Budget and Water Use Calculator (xlsm)
  • StopWaste WELO brochure (pdf)
  • WELO Tool Kit - All Checklists (fillable pdf)
  • WELO Checklist 1 - Landscape Documentation Review Package (fillable pdf)
  • WELO Checklist 2 - Prescriptive Path Appendix D Checklist (fillable pdf)
  • WELO Checklist 3 - Irrigation Audit Checklist (fillable pdf)
  • WELO Checklist 4 - Landscape Inspection Checklist (fillable pdf)
  • WELO Checklist 5 - Certificate of Completion (fillable pdf)
  • WELO Checklists - Customizable Word files (zip folder)
  • DWR Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance - Full Text (pdf)

Questions about these documents? Please see our WELO FAQs.