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Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

WELO Training

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WELO Tool Kit

The Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance (WELO) is a statewide water conservation law for new and renovated landscapes. 

The ordinance applies to any single-family or multi-family residential, public, institutional or commercial project that requires a permit, plan check or design review from the local reviewing agency and meets one of these size thresholds: 

  • New construction projects with a total landscape area greater than 500 square feet
  • Rehabilitations of existing landscape with a total landscape area greater than 2,500 square feet

Some landscapes, such as arboretums and registered historical sites, are exempt from WELO. Check the ordinance for details

WELO sets minimum water efficiency requirements for landscapes. To go above and beyond the state ordinance, make your landscape a Bay-Friendly Rated Landscape

Landscape Professionals

The ordinance is enforced by cities, counties, and in some areas, water agencies. Before starting your project, check with the local reviewing agency for requirements and submittals specific to your region, which may be different than what's provided in StopWaste's WELO Tool Kit.