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Green Multifamily Building Resources

Recycling Rules AC

Recycling & Multifamily Buildings

California state law requires all multifamily properties with five or more units to provide recycling collection services. Visit to learn about state and local recycling requirements for multifamily buildings in Alameda County.



Multifamily Green Building Guidelines

Ideal for architects, project managers and developers of multifamily housing. Originally developed by StopWaste and now provided by Build It Green.   Download the Guidelines here.
NOTE:  The "GreenPoint Rated" system, developed by Build It Green, is an updated rating and guideline system for new construction and upgrade/remodeling projects.  More information is available at the Build It Green website

Green Rehabilitation of Multifamily Rental Properties

A user-friendly green guide for the renovation of multifamily buildings, developed by the Local Initiatives Support Coalition and Build It Green.

Green Operations & Maintenance Resources

Ongoing maintenance and operations practices are an important part of optimizing the benefits of a green building. Here are some useful publications:


Multifamily Home Energy Retrofit Coordinating Committee

The California Home Energy Retrofit Coordinating Committee is convened by U.S. EPA Region 9 to develop consensus-based energy upgrade program recommendations. StopWaste chairs the multifamily subcommittee (MF HERCC) and has been working with stakeholders to develop multifamily energy upgrade program design recommendations and standards. The recommendations developed by the MF HERCC have informed multifamily energy efficiency program design across the state. Learn more at