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New Organics and Recycling Law takes effect January 1, 2022

A new California State law (SB 1383) requires residents and businesses to keep food and other compostable materials out of landfills to help fight climate change. The State law is implemented in Alameda County under the Organics Reduction and Recycling Ordinance in partnership with the Alameda County environmental health departments, StopWaste, its member agencies and their solid waste service providers.

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At a recognition event on June 8, StopWaste named the recipients of the 2023 StopWaste Environmental Leadership Awards. Celebrated for the 21st time, this annual awards program honors Alameda County entities for their leadership and innovations in advancing environmental sustainability, waste prevention, and contributions to building healthy, climate resilient communities in Alameda County.
California Senate Bill 1383 went into effect January 1, 2022 aiming to reduce organic materials going to landfill by 75% by January 1, 2025. The law also set targets to recover edible food that would otherwise be disposed and donate it to feed people. In a recent article, WasteDive covers how local governments are implementing SB 1383 food recovery requirements in Alameda County and beyond.
The Bay Area Regional Energy Network (BayREN) is pleased to announce new rebates for rental housing providers, including nonprofit developers and small, independent property owners, through the popular Bay Area Multifamily Building Enhancement (BAMBE) program managed by StopWaste.
StopWaste is offering a total of $1.1 million in grant funding to businesses, nonprofits and institutions in Alameda County for projects focused on food waste prevention, surplus food recovery, reusable foodware, community food systems, reuse, repair, and reusable transport packaging. Deadline to apply is March 3, 2023.
State and local law require businesses, nonprofits, institutions, schools, and multifamily properties in Alameda County to have compost (organics) and recycling collection service or an approved waiver. StopWaste will begin to issue citations for non-compliance starting in January 2023.

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