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Landscape Results: Sheet Mulch

Of the 84 Rated Landscapes in Alameda County, 47 projects used sheet mulch—covering a total of 48 acres.

Sheet mulching is a zero-waste way to convert turf areas of any size to water-saving landscapes adapted to California's dry summer climate. 

Sheet mulching is basically a layered mulch system. First you place a biodegradable weed barrier such as recycled cardboard on top of mowed or flattened weeds or grass. Then you layer compost and mulch on top of the cardboard. You can plant trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals right through the sheet mulch. 

Compared to conventional methods of turf removal, every acre of turf that is sheet mulched keeps 85 tons of sod out of the landfill, or prevents the use of 10 pounds of herbicides.

The Lawn to Garden website has sheet mulching information and a directory of Bay Area sources for bulk compost, mulch and sheet mulching materials.