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Grantee - Teen Advocacy Going Strong (TAGS) - FY22-23

Teens Advocacy Going Strong (TAGS) is a nonprofit, second-hand clothing store and workspace dedicated to serving underserved teens and young adults ages 13-24 in the East Bay. Through TAGs, youth learn entrepreneurial and sustainable business skills while advocating for themselves and our environment. Funds will be used to help cover personnel expenses for their program coordinator and marketing coordinator, in addition to overhead, which will allow TAGS to expand job training and outreach to serve more local underserved teens and young adults in the community.

Grantee - Loved Twice - FY22-23

Loved Twice believes every newborn baby deserves to have clothes for their first year of life—one of life’s basic necessities. Loved Twice provides clothing for newborns in need with quality reused baby clothing. Funds will be used to support Loved Twice to provide “wardrobes-in-a-box” that will keep babies clothed and warm for a year. Funds will help meet the increase in requests from social workers in Alameda County.

Grantee - EIKON Church of the Nazarene - FY22-23

EIKON is a Hayward based church and nonprofit who works with World Vision to receive and redistribute home goods through a partner network of thirty-seven nonprofits across the Bay Area who use the goods to impact the homes and lives of the most vulnerable families and individuals in Alameda County. Funds will be used to cover the costs to transport returned goods from Costco in Tracy to Hayward facility as well as cover administrative costs for staff associated with improving internal tracking. Goods are distributed to partners at the Hayward facility and their new facility in Oakland.

Grantee - Digifli - FY22-23

Digifli is an enterprise that converts refurbished LCD computer monitors purchased from local e-waste companies and turns them into electronic community bulletin boards. Alameda County non-profit organizations, local artists, and small business owners receive free monitors to promote events and business activities. Grant will provide funding for Digifli to expand their services to additional organizations and promotions of community-based events.

Grantee - Community Resources for Independent Living (CRIL) - FY22-23

Community Resources for Independant Living (CRIL) is a peer-based disability resource organization that advocates and provides resources for people with disabilities to improve lives and make communities fully accessible. Funds will support the expansion of CRIL's reuse and repair program by allowing CRIL to rent additional warehouses to increase capacity and cover personnel time. These services would regularly be available at CRIL Hayward and offered once a quarter at CRIL Fremont and CRIL Livermore.

Grantee - The Peace Haven Corporation - FY22-23

The Peace Haven Corporation's mission is to provide food, community services, and engagement to individuals and families they serve. Their vision is to create a community where no one goes hungry or feels left out. Funds will support the Peace Haven Corporation to purchase one refrigerator, one freezer, and a full-size insulated heated holding cabinet for their dignified freedom store.

Grantee - One Nation Dream Makers - FY22-23

One Nation Dream Makers' mission is to help veterans and others in the community to restore hope and get their lives back on track to become positive forces in their communities. Funds will support One Nation Dream Makers with operational and vehicle expenses to expand their food recovery efforts from local wholesale food vendors, grocery stores, and discount markets. One Nation Dream Makers aims to recover 720,000 pounds of surplus edible food.

Grantee - Mary Barber Ministries - FY22-23

Mary Barber Ministries provides nutritional, emotional, spiritual, and hygienic care to overlooked East Oakland community members. Funds will support Mary Barber Ministries to increase the surplus edible food collected and distributed from 75,400 lbs. to 226,200 lbs. during the grant term. Mary Barber Ministries will establish a client-choice food pantry, hold 2-3 community events, and form 2-3 new surplus edible food collection partnerships.


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