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Sustainable Purchasing Guide for Servers

Servers are the backbone of our networks and online applications. Data centers are also some of the most energy intensive buildings to operate, consuming 10 to 50 times the energy per floor space of a typical commercial office building. Data centers are also water intensive - among the top-ten water-consuming industrial or commercial industries in the U.S. While smart data center design is key to reducing impacts, the server equipment itself plays a significant role in reducing both energy and cooling loads within data centers.

Sustainable Purchasing Guide for Disinfectants

Although all “antimicrobial” products have risks, many conventional disinfectants, such as chlorine bleach, pose more serious risks to custodial workers and building occupants because they contain active ingredients that have been found to cause asthma, cancer, skin sensitization, or other health hazards. Yet, surface disinfectants with more benign health and environmental impacts than conventional disinfectants are readily available, cost effective, and have equivalent or greater efficacy in killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Sustainable Purchasing Guide for Janitorial Paper Products

Janitorial paper products are single-use items primarily used in facility restrooms and break rooms. They may be purchased as stand-alone items or included in a custodial services contract. Any janitorial paper products purchased directly by staff must contain a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled content to comply with California’s Senate Bill 1383, aka SB 1383, which went into effect January 2022.

Sustainable Purchasing Guide for Cleaning Chemicals

Keeping your facility clean is one of the most important ways to maintain a healthy indoor environment, but using some cleaning products may actually increase indoor air pollution. Using products that meet the Minimum Requirements below will, when properly used, not only meet performance requirements, but also reduce custodial workers’ and occupants’ exposure to harmful chemicals.

StopWaste At School

StopWaste is a public agency that helps students, teachers and school district staff across Alameda County become leaders in waste prevention and recycling at school.

For activities and lessons, see our curriculum and videos.

School Program Overview

Please note that registration is closed for the 17-18 academic year.

Guide to Purchasing Compostable Food Service Ware

Making good choices when purchasing food service ware products can be quite complicated. That’s because not all food ware marketed as “compostable” gets composted at the large-scale commercial composting facilities that process our county’s food scraps and food-soiled paper. Many factors play a role, including the ability to distinguish compostable and non-compostable food ware, the food ware item’s thickness as well as time spent going through the composting process.


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