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Quarterly Disbursement of Measure D Revenues April - June 2020

The Alameda County Waste Reduction and Recycling Initiative (Measure D) levies a surcharge on solid waste landfilled in unincorporated Alameda County. Fifty percent of Recycling Fund revenues are disbursed to cities and sanitary districts that meet criteria contained in the law. Funds disbursed to municipalities must be used "...for the continuation and expansion of municipal recycling programs." The quarterly Measure D disbursement for your jurisdiction, covering the period April - June 2020, is enclosed with the copy of this letter sent to your staff Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) representative or designee. Population numbers were updated August 2020 in accordance with board policy; updated population numbers per city can be found in the document Chart of Allocations.

Staff recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic is currently impacting municipality budgets and that entities are looking to maximize every potential source of funding. The Agency has noted that during an economic recession there is often a correlation with lower landfill tonnage disposal. Tonnages for April, May and June (Q4) were approximately 10% lower than what was budgeted. However, there was a slight uptick in tonnages for June which may be representative of businesses opening up again as the County Health Order in June was revised to allow additional businesses to resume operations. Despite the lower disbursements for the last two quarters of FY 19/20, overall disbursements for the fiscal year were 5% higher than what was budgeted. We are carefully tracking tonnage information and will advise you of updated projections (compared to budgeted figures) for fiscal year FY20/21 as more information becomes available.