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  • Timothy Burroughs, Executive Director

    Timothy Burroughs has been the Executive Director at StopWaste since July 2021. He previously served as Director of Berkeley’s Department of Planning and Development and prior to that, as Chief Resilience Officer for the City of Berkeley. He has a master’s degree in international environmental policy from American University in Washington, D.C., and also served as a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer in The Gambia, West Africa.

Staff Directory

Name Title
Timothy Burroughs Executive Director
Pat Cabrera Administrative Services Director
Soudabeh Abbasi Accountant
Sean Adamchik Administrative Assistant
Cristian Aguilar Program Services Specialist
Emily Alvarez Program Manager
Jamie Andrade Program Services Specialist
Rachel Balsley Senior Program Manager
Kyle Bander Management Analyst
Cassie Bartholomew Senior Program Manager
Annalisa Belliss Program Manager
Anna Borg Administrative Assistant
Maricelle Cardenas Program Manager
Mike Cohen Senior Technology Officer
Arielle Conway Program Manager
Ben Cooper Program Manager
Arliss Dunn Clerk of the Board
Cindy Dzib Program Manager
Michelle Fay Program Manager
Alma Freeman Communications Manager
Hugo Grégoire Program Services Specialist
Maria Hart Program Manager
Herb Hirschfeld Information Systems Support
Chris Hunter Program Services Specialist
Karen Kho Principal Program Manager
Miya Kitahara Program Manager
Elese Lebsack Program Manager
Justin Lehrer Operations Manager
Jennifer Luong Finance Services Manager
Candis Mary-Dauphin Program Manager
Elena Mejia Program Services Specialist
Jeanne Nader Senior Program Manager
Jenny O’Brien Senior Administrative Assistant
Nisha Patel Management Analyst
Jeannie Pham Program Manager
Shasta Phillips Program Manager
Robin Plutchok Program Manager
Trevor Probert Program Manager
Adrienne Ramirez Management Analyst
Chris Ross Webmaster/ Graphic Designer
Kelly Schoonmaker Senior Program Manager
Jeanine Sidran Senior Administrative Assistant
Meri Soll Senior Program Manager
Angelina Vergara Program Manager
Jennifer West Program Manager