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StopWaste Logos



Style For Print  (CMYK) For Screen / Web  (RGB)
Standard .EPS (PMS)   |   PDF (CMYK)  |  TIFF (CMYK) PNG  |  JPEG  |  PDF (RGB)
Grayscale .EPS  |  PDF  |  TIFF PNG  |  JPEG
Reversed .EPS  |  PDF  |  TIFF PNG


The StopWaste logo is provided above in many formats so that the most appropriate style and format may be utilized. Please note that for print, the PMS version is the preferred option whenever possible, followed by the CMYK version.  RGB versions should be used for any digital display.  The PNG versions have transparent backgrounds.  The Reversed logo can be used when color or grayscale is not acceptable, and the logo needs to stand out against a dark background.

Additional guidelines for StopWaste logo usage, colors and typography can be found in the StopWaste Brand & Logo Style Guide.


For questions or comments regarding use of the StopWaste logo, please contact:

Alma Freeman
Communications Manager