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Gardening Events Calendar

We encourage you to check out our Healthy Soils Webinar Series, which includes the Healthy Soils, Backyard Composting, and Worm Composting webinars. To access all of the soil building resources mentioned in the webinars, click here.


Butterfly Garden Workshop

When: Saturday, July 24th, from 11 am to 12:30 pm
Where: 2701 Main St., Alameda, CA

Hosted by: Ploughshares Nursery

Discussion followed by demonstration of gardening focused on local butterfly species needs.  Nectar plants and milkweed proper planting technique demonstrated as we create a raised bed for butterflies like the American Lady, the West Coast Lady, the Western Monarch and Acmon Blue.

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Vermicomposting Workshop

When: Saturday, July 31st, from 10 am to 12:30 pm
Where: Online

Hosted by: Office of Sustainability, County of San Mateo 

This workshop will be instructed by local vermicomposting experts Todd Sutton and Alejandra Warren; Alejandra is serving as our interpreter to deliver this workshop to Spanish-speaking members of the community. The workshop will cover the basics of vermicomposting via lecture and live demonstrations. By attending this workshop, San Mateo County residents qualify for a complementary composting bin and discounted supplies.

Please note that vermicomposting is a special style of composting that can be done indoors or outdoors. In this style of composting, worms are the primary decomposition agents – the pile does not get hot, or require turning, like a backyard hot pile composting system does. This workshop is perfect for people interested in composting indoors or who don’t have a suitable space outside to create a compost pile.

**This will be a bilingual workshop, with separate audio feeds for English and Spanish speakers.**

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Workshop on Greywater, Rainwater Catchment & Groundwater Systems

When: Tuesday, August 17th, from 7 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Online

Hosted by: Alameda Backyard Growers

Water conservation and water stewardship are vital now in our second year of severe drought. It is time to look for other sources of water to keep our gardens alive. Join us and learn about harvesting and using:

  • Greywater
  • Rainwater Catchment and
  • Groundwater systems such as Rain Gardens and Swales for keeping water in your soil.

These systems can help save significant amounts of water and help wean us from our hoses.

Mano Tondre is the Owner and co-founder of DIG Cooperative. During California's drought conditions of 2005, a group of builders and ecologists founded DIG Cooperative Inc. and built the first permitted residential constructed wetland for greywater treatment in California. The greywater wetland is located at the Berkeley Ecology Center's EcoHouse. He continues to pioneer permitted greywater reuse and rainwater catchment systems across the greater Bay Area, including large scale projects at Chabot Space & Science Center, the San Francisco Zen Center and Skyline High School as well as smaller residential systems.

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