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Business Hazardous Waste Drop-in Service

All businesses in Alameda County can participate in this drop-in service that accepts latex paint, aerosol cans, fluorescent lamps, and household batteries. There is no need to set up an account or make an appointment.

To participate in the Business Drop-in Service:

  1. Fill out the Bill of Lading and bring it with you to the facility.
  2. Drop-in when the service is open. Check the schedule below.

Learn more about the Business Drop-in Service:

Fill Out the Bill of Lading

Download the Bill of Lading, complete the form, and bring it with you to the facility. Make sure to provide the following information: business (or organization) name, address, the name and email of the owner and a contact person name and their phone number.

Download the Bill of Lading

2024 Oakland Facility Business Drop-in Schedule

Location: 2100 East 7th Street, Oakland (click for map and directions).

Download the Bill of Lading for pricing details and to estimate costs.

Open Tuesdays from 9 am to 12 pm

Closed for Thanksgiving: November 26

2024 Livermore Facility Business Drop-in Schedule

Location: 5584 La Ribera St., Livermore (click for map and directions).

Download the Bill of Lading for pricing details and to estimate costs.

Open on the following Wednesdays from 9 am to 12 pm

January 10 & 24 February 14 & 28 March 13 & 27
April 10 & 24 May 8 & 22 June 12 & 26
July 10 & 24 August 14 & 28 September 11 & 25
October 9 & 23 November 13 December 11

2024 Hayward Facility Business Drop-in Schedule

Location: 2091 West Winton Avenue, Hayward (click for map and directions).

Download the Bill of Lading for pricing details and to estimate costs.

Open on the following Wednesdays from 9 am to 12 pm

January 3 & 17 February 7 & 21 March 6 & 20
April 3 & 17 May 1 & 15 June 5 & 19
July 3 & 17 August 7 & 21 September 4 & 18
October 2 & 16 November 6 & 20 December 4 & 18

What We Accept: 

  • Latex paint: Individual containers up to 5 gallons in size, no limits on total quantity. NO oil based paint.
  • Aerosol cans:* Any kind up to 16.4 oz in size, full or empty.
  • Fluorescent lamps: Unbroken fluorescent and mercury/sodium high intensity discharge (HID) lamps are accepted. All lamps must be packaged to prevent breakage. Boxes for fluorescent lamps, with liners, are available for purchase. NO broken lamps. Download the Bill of Lading for more details about fluorescent lamp drop-off. 
  • Batteries:* Rechargeable and primary including SLA gel cells up to 40Wh, LION packs up to 300WH. Batteries over 9 volt and all lithium and lead acid batteries must have terminals taped or insulated to prevent short circuit. Damaged lithium batteries (punctured, damaged, swollen cells and packs) pack each separately in a clear plastic bag. NO auto batteries.

*There is a 999 pound maximum limit for batteries and aerosol cans per vehicle/trip to comply with DOT placarding rules.

What We Don't Accept:

Other types of Hazardous Waste cannot be accepted at the Business Drop-in Service. State Law requires that businesses and organizations with other types of hazardous wastes set up an account and schedule delivery in advance. To learn more about the Small Business Hazardous Waste Service, click here or call 800-606-6606 during business hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in the Business Drop-in Service?  

Any Alameda County business that generated the waste is eligible. This service is not restricted to small businesses.

How much does it cost?

There is a $25.00 minimum charge. Costs are calculated and must be paid in cash or Visa/MC at the time of drop off. Download the Bill of Lading for pricing details and to estimate costs.

Who can transport the waste?

A business owner or their employee must transport waste from their property. A for-hire hauler cannot deliver waste for another company.

How do I transport my waste safely?

  • Transport waste in containers that prevent leaks, are securely closed, in good condition, with no hazardous residue on the outside of the container.
  • Mark or label each container if contents are not clearly indicated.
  • Pack, load, and brace waste in your vehicle to prevent movement, breakage, damage or spill. Prevent incompatible wastes from mixing during transport.
  • HHW staff will unload waste. Remain in the vehicle unless asked to step out. Pack waste to be easily accessible to HHW staff, not in passenger area. The HHW facility will keep containers.