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Food Share Table and Donation Guides for Schools

Like most organizations that serve prepared food, schools typically have surplus edible food. With some planning, this food can feed people instead of going to waste. StopWaste works with school districts to implement district-wide food share and food donation programs to recover and redistribute K-12 edible surplus food.

Setting up food waste prevention programs has already shown great results in Alameda County schools:

  • One elementary school rescued an average of 170 surplus food items, each day of the school year.
  • One high school rescued 4,000 surplus food items from the back of the kitchen in one year.

Help your school become a food waste prevention success story, too! Download our guides to get started.

Food Share Table Guide

Step-by-step instructions to setting up a food share table where students can place unwanted, sealed or uneaten food items for other students and for donation. 


Food Donation Guide

This four-page introduction for schools interested in setting up a donation program for surplus edible food includes guidance on legal protections, program models, food safety precautions and how to find and form a partnership with a food recipient non-profit partner.