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Virtual Transfer Station Field Trip

Welcome teachers to the League of 4R’s Action Heroes Virtual Transfer Station Tour! StopWaste has created a virtual experience paired with resources and activities for deeper student engagement. Whether you're interested in a self-guided virtual experience or would like a StopWaste facilitated program, we encourage students and families to take action to reduce and prevent waste at home, at school, and in their community. Stay up-to-date on our programs by signing up for our e-news.  

Click here to learn about our in-person field trips.  

Facilitated Virtual Field Trip

Request a virtual field trip facilitated by a StopWaste educator! In this one-hour virtual program, an educator Zoom's into your classroom to share with students the journey of waste. Students will make connections between individual behaviors and environmental impact while also reflecting on actions they can take to build a healthier earth for all. 

Request a Virtual Field Trip

Self-Guided Virtual Tour:  

Student Garbologist Field Journal

Before starting your self-guided adventure to transform from Garbologist to Student Action Hero, download and make a copy of our Field Journal or use a scratch piece of paper for your own Garbologist Field Journal. This journal will help you record your observations, questions, and reflections along each stop of the tour.  

Student KWL Chart

Teachers and students, have a discussion with your class or family about the 4Rs. On this KWL Chart or a separate piece of scratch paper, record what you KNOW and what you WANT TO KNOW.  

Doing the 4Rs Video  

We recommend showing your students the Doing the 4Rs Video to introduce the 4Rs. Doing the 4Rs is a motivating and informative video designed for 4th and 5th grade students. Alameda County youth show how they practice the 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rot (compost) at home, school, and play.  

Virtual Stop #1: Welcome Students! Let's Transform into Garbologists  

Alameda County Needs Your Help! 

On the first stop of the tour, students will explore what they care about, what they connect with and how their own knowledge, skills, and life experiences align to the mission of the 4Rs Action League – to protect the earth by taking action to reduce waste.  

Guiding Questions:  

  • What do you care about?  
  • What actions can you take to waste less? 
  • What do you think we can learn from studying what people decide to throw away into the garbage, recycling, and compost bins?  



Post Virtual Tour Stop #1 Activities  

  • Students: On the Garbologist Field Journal, fill out the top “About Me” section.  
  • Teachers: Explore the different K-12 Educational Resource and Take Action at Home pages to find educational activities that get students prepared to stop waste, fight global climate change and take action at home, at school and collectively as a community.  

Additional Resources 

  • Community Stories: Watch this video as teacher Rachel Lerman shares her story about taking action not only with her family but also with students at her school. Listen as she shares about reconnecting with the earth and why it’s her goal to reconnect all students with the natural world.  

  • Community Stories: Watch Hesperian Elementary in action as they highlight their field trip the Davis Street Transfer Station, and taking action in the garden.  

Virtual Stop #2: What is a Transfer Station and Where Does Our Garbage Go? 

Follow the journey of waste from your house or school to the landfill. 

On the second stop of the tour, students will explore current waste practices and what happens to things that we decide to throw away. Students will see what happens to materials at a working transfer station. On this journey, students will also be introduced to natural resources and their connections with the things that we buy and throw away.

Guiding Questions: 

  • Where do recyclables, compostables and garbage go once we sort at home or at school?  
  • What is a natural resource and how do they connect with our waste?  



Post Virtual Tour Stop #2 Activities: 

Additional Resources 

Questions? Send us an inquiry.