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Meet the League of 4Rs Action Heroes

Take Action to Stop Waste! 

Are you ready to join the League of 4Rs Action Heroes and take action to reduce waste? Thousands of students throughout Alameda County have donned their masks and capes and transformed from garbologists, people who study garbage, into 4Rs Action Heroes. Meet the founding members of the League below and come up with your own action hero identity!

Super Reducer

  • From the moment he was born, Super Reducer wasted nothing. He never bought anything with packaging, and only took as much as he needed during lunch. While most people in Alameda County were throwing out 5.5lbs of trash a day, super reducer became so light without waste that he developed the ability to fly. Super Reducer now flies across the county educating others about how to reduce, and save the planet

    Strengths: Conserving natural resources, saving money, buying in bulk & flight

    Weakness: Excessive packaging

    Sidekick: Pingzi, the reusable water bottle

    Watch Super Reducer in Action!

Professor Reuse

  • Teachers realized early on that Professor Reuse was no ordinary reuser. She would spend months in the lab, experimenting and finding new ways to reuse. Thanks to Professor Reuse’s breakthroughs, many now use canvas bags while shopping for groceries, reusable lunch bags for their lunch, and glass jars for storing food at home. Her creative reuse art projects are also displayed in art galleries around the world

    Strengths: Creative reuse art, chemistry, able to lift 10 reusable bags full of groceries

    Weakness: Disposable lunches

    Sidekick: Alba, the albatross

    Watch Professor Reuse in Action!

The Recycler

  • Growing up, The Recycler could never get enough of sorting recyclable plastic containers, aluminum cans and paper. He knew that each item he recycled meant more natural resources saved. As he grew up, The Recycler’s knowledge of recycling became infinite and he developed magnetic powers. Today, while still sorting plastic and paper recyclables by hand, The Recycler uses his magnetism to save every can possible from going to the landfill. 

    Strengths: Encyclopedic knowledge of recyclable materials, able to manipulate magnetic fields

    Weakness: Flimsy plastic bags

    Sidekick: We-Can, the aluminum can

    Watch The Recycler in Action!


  • Rot Girl has the power to turn organic waste, including food scraps and lawn clippings, into healthy soil for her garden – a power all of us share! Rot Girl also developed the ability to speak with worms, encouraging them to break down her leftovers. Realizing that 20% of waste in Alameda County is leftover food, today Rot Girl uses her x-ray vision to pick out food scraps from the trash, and makes sure they go in the green composting bin or her own backyard compost pile. 

    Strengths: Composting, food scrap collection, worm whispering, x-ray vision

    Weakness: Compost contamination

    Sidekick: Wiggle E. Worm, the red wiggler worm

    Watch Rot Girl in Action!

Dive even deeper into the League and download this activity sheet to reflect on how you can be a 4Rs Action Hero too!