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Built Environment

StopWaste partners with local governments in Alameda County to advance innovative solutions that increase recycling and reduce waste related to buildings and landscapes.

We provide policy, regulatory and technical support focusing on these areas: 

Residents: Check out our Greener Homes and Gardening resources.

Publication Spotlight

Circular Economy in the Built Environment: Opportunities for Local Government Leadership

Authored by StopWaste and Arup, this primer provides an overview of a circular economy framework for the built environment at the community, neighborhood and building scales. The ideas and concepts included here are intended to stimulate local government decision-makers and staff in Alameda County and beyond to consider policies and actions in their jurisdictions. It illustrates concepts with real-world examples of sites and policies.

Sustainable Landscapes in Alameda County, 2005-2017

In Alameda County, 70 properties covering 328 acres have earned the Bay-Friendly Rated Landscapes distinction.

StopWaste's Sustainable Landscapes in Alameda County report lists these landscapes along with project details including location, developer, landscape architect, size, water savings and greenhouse gas emissions reductions.