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Notice of Violation

Action Required:

This is the final warning letter before a citation and fine are issued. You must take the actions described in the letter before the due date to avoid a citation and fine.

A copy of a recent bill or account statement showing the required service is preferred (photo, screenshot, or PDF are all acceptable formats). If you don’t yet have a bill or account statement showing the new service, you may provide a confirmation email from your provider showing the ordered service, or any other proof showing the ordered service.

Did you receive a letter in error?

  • If you already have compost and recycling collection service and believe you received a Notice of Violation in error, please use the submit proof using this form so we can update our records. 
  • If you have alternative arrangements for collection, such as self-hauling, back-hauling, sharing service with another account holder, or contracting with a third-party recycler, you must complete a Certification of Recycling Service (CRS) form here.

Do you qualify for a waiver?

  • If you generate only minimal amounts of compostable or recyclable materials or lack the necessary physical space for containers, you may qualify for a waiver.