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4th Grade Programs and Resources

StopWaste serves 4th grade classes primarily through field trips to one of two Alameda County transfer station facilities. Classrooms participating in the field trip program follow up at school by taking action and creating a project that educates their community at home and at school. Curriculum and resources are also available for 4th grade classrooms. 

Transfer Station Field Trips - Virtual and In-Person

This 2022-2023 school year, StopWaste is resuming in-person field trips to the Davis Street Transfer Station and the Fremont Recycling and Transfer Station! We are also continuing our virtual field trip program that brings the transfer station to your classroom! This Field Trip Program will ask your students to transform into garbologists who make observations, ask questions, and take action to reduce waste.

Learn About the Virtual Field Trip Program 

Learn About the In-Person Field Trip Program 

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4th Grade Educational Resources


Doing the 4Rs Curriculum

Doing the 4Rs is a classroom activity guide to teach the 4Rs – reduce, reuse, recycle and rot. 

View the full curriculum

Wiggle E Worm Comic and Read Aloud

Adventure with Wiggle E Worm to teach a resident of Mudville about the importance of composting. Students can also read along with the Wiggle E Worm Comic Reading Video.
Download the Comic  Watch the Video

Amazing Garbologist Adventure Journal

How to Go from Scientist to Food Rescue Action Hero! In this journal you will join four garbologists who ask questions about how garbage affects people living in Alameda County and around the world. What in the world is a garbologist? A garbologist is a scientist who studies garbage. Why study garbage? Because there is a LOT of it. And more is created every day!

Download in English, Spanish, and Chinese

KidScoop News Earth Tips

KidScoop News in partnership with the Altamont Education Advisory Board created these earth tip activity pages that showcase and spotlight many of StopWaste’s student and teacher action heroes. 

Download Earth Tips Volume 1 

Download Earth Tips Volume 2


KidScoop News: Coronavirus Coloring and Activity Book

What is coronavirus? What's the best way for you and your family to stay healthy? Explore the answers to these questions in this activity and coloring book developed by StopWaste school's partner, KidScoop News. 

This activity book is avialable in both English and Spanish.

Download the Activity Book

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