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School Recycling Resources

Foodservice, Dine & Sort Models for Schools during COVID-19

Due to varying plans for reopening schools and to ensure the safety of students and school staff, this quick guide provides recommendations for food distribution, waste reduction, clean up, and waste handling models. These models are designed to maintain school sustainability goals.

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Notice to Public Schools – State Law Changes effective Jan 2019

While Alameda County’s Mandatory Recycling Ordinance does not apply to public schools, there are two State laws that require recycling and composting at public schools and districts. Effective January 1, 2019, the State requires more sites to have organics collection service; schools that generate four or more cubic yards or solid waste per week (garbage and recycling service volumes combined) must have organics service. This notice provides an overview of the State laws with links to resources and more information

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Custom Recycling Signs

Make compost, recycle and landfill signs for your school! Now you can show students and teachers how to properly sort materials by creating instructional recycling signs. It’s best to pick items that tend to get put in the wrong place, and to select as few items as possible.

Find more information on what you can recycle and compost in your school district by contacting your district’s waste hauler.

Create Your Own Signs

Locker Leftover Guide

The last days of school present a major waste reduction challenge and opportunity for schools. With a bit of pre-planning, schools can divert reusable and recyclable materials from the landfill while providing a more organized end-of-year clean-out procedure.

The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse, in partnership with StopWaste and the Alameda County Office of Education has produced a guide to end-of-school-year waste reduction.

Download Locker Leftovers Guide

Cafeteria Sorting Station Rollout Guide

Looking to kick off waste sorting in the cafeteria? StopWaste’s Cafeteria Sorting Station Rollout Guide provides some of the considerations and best practices to keep in mind as you build towards a successful sorting program at your school. This guide utilizes the 5-Step Action-Based Learning Model as a framework. However, there is no one-size fits all program for every school and you will have to tailor procedures to your particular school site.

Download Cafeteria Sorting Station Rollout Guide

Cafeteria Recycling Guide

StopWaste’s Cafeteria Recycling Guide illustrates one of the best practices in setting up your cafeteria sorting station – placing the bins in an order that will encourage proper sorting.

Download Cafeteria Recycling Guide