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Sustainable Purchasing Benefits

Purchasing more sustainable products and services can support a variety of agency values and goals – from fiscal responsibility to reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  The specific benefits your agency will realize from implementing sustainable purchasing practices will depend on the commodities and services you prioritize and the approach you take.  The following are just some examples of typical benefits associated sustainable purchasing.  Commodity and service specific benefits can be found in the applicable Sustainable Purchasing Guides.

Sustainable purchasing practices can:

  • Support GHG reductions – both within an agency and throughout supply chains
  • Support reductions in agency energy consumption
  • Support waste prevention practices and reduce waste to landfill
  • Support water conservation
  • Support reductions in exposures to harmful chemicals – both within the agency and in communities
  • Contribute to an agency’s fiscal health through risk reduction and/or direct and indirect monetary savings
  • Support market innovations for more environmentally and/or socially beneficial solutions
  • Contribute to social equity – both within a supplier base and/or within communities
  • Support ethical working conditions within supply chains
  • Support circular and/or regenerative economic solutions

For examples of sustainable purchasing benefits realized by other public agencies, check out the Sustainable Purchasing Collaboration page.  The networks and/or specific public agencies listed on that page publish reports, research, and/or case studies that highlight various benefits associated with sustainable purchasing practices.