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Stop Food Waste Challenge

Are you Up for the Challenge?

The Stop Food Waste Challenge is an educational program designed by StopWaste to engage Alameda County students and educators in the practice and benefits of proper waste sorting and reducing the amount of food going to waste in the landfill. The Challenge also aims to restore the importance of food as sustenance and introduces students to the food recovery hierarchy. 

The Challenge is comprised of classroom curriculum and activities that track a school's food waste and charts progress towards achieving food waste prevention goals. Student "Green Team" monitors, teachers, custodians and nutrition services staff lead efforts that build awareness and engage the whole school in reducing the amount of food going to waste. 

On average, schools that participate in the Stop Food Waste Challenge show a 60 percent decrease in the amount of food sent to the landfill. Food is the #1 item sorted incorrectly at schools, which contaminates recycling and contributes harmful greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. 

How it Works

Stop Food Waste Challenges work in tandem with the 4Rs Climate Action Project. Learn more about the 4Rs Climate Project. A StopWaste Schools Team liaison will work with each school to set up the Stop Food Waste Challenge.

  • Conduct a scientific waste audit investigation
  • Set a school-wide diversion goal
  • Develop a school-wide recycling, composting or food waste prevention campaign to reduce waste
  • Conduct audits to assess progress towards set goals
  • Distribute school-wide prizes when goals have been reached
  • Reflect, evaluate and celebrate the school’s achievement!

Download the Stop Food Waste Challenge Flyer

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