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Plastic Foam Food Ware Bans

Polystyrene, better known by the brand name Styrofoam, is not readily recyclable, especially when it has food on it. It just ends up as litter or goes in the landfill. Choose to use compostable food containers (many can be recycled in your green waste cart) or, better yet use reusable packaging.

City ordinances in Alameda County

The following Alameda County jurisdictions have adopted polystyrene ordinances where the use of Styrofoam food packaging is banned. The links provide information on city ordinances, helpful listings of alternative packaging vendors, and contact information for city staff:
What about clean polystyrene?
Does your business generate large quantities of clean polystyrene which hasn't come into contact with food? Use RE:Source Guide to find Styrofoam recycling services. 
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